ZooTemplate Coupon Code and Discount for Membership

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Coupon Details

Get exclusive 20% off with ZooTemplate who provides responsive Joomla templates and extensions. Just copy the above code and paste it in the cart, then click “next” and 20% promotional price would be applied.

The ZooTemplate coupon code applies for all subscription packages including developer membership, platinum, Gold as well as Silver Membership.

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Products of ZooTemplate

The WordPress and Joomla sites are very flexible and those can be converted into different types of other sites in just seconds with the help of necessary themes or templates. Some theme providing companies are very popular for providing the responsive Joomla templates. The ZooTemplate is such popular company. The templates of this company can be used with Joomla to create different types of websites. Not only the Joomla templates, but also the Joomla extensions are provided by the ZooTemplate. We have tried to highlight the main products of this theme provider. Also the ZooTemplate  discount is mentioned above, so also get it during purchase.

Various Templates of This Company

Some templates of this company can be used for creating different types of websites and some of them can be used for creating specific types of websites. The ZT Smilax Modern Template is a such Joomla template offered by the ZooTemplate. This is one of the most versatile templates of this company also. You can create beautiful eCommerce websites with the help of this template. This responsive Joomla theme is suitable for creating real estate websites, online photo album etc. sites. It offers the Layer Slider tool which will make your website more attractive. ZT Charity is another popular template of this brand and this responsive template can be used for converting the Joomla sites into great looking educational websites or all types of charity foundation websites.

After installing this to your sites, you will be allowed to change the images, fonts, layouts etc. contents of the websites very easily. If you are looking for a fully featured eCommerce template, then the ZT Colias can be a great choice for you because this template offers the white and light look to the background of the websites. So this is perfect for creating the online stores of different types of jewelries, cosmetics, etc. This template will let you use the multiple column menu to the eCommerce websites.

Various Extensions of This Company

The Joomla extensions of the ZooTemplate Company are also very useful. Some of the extensions are completely unique. ZT Layer Slider is very nice extension of this company and it will let you add the slider bar to the targeted Joomla sites. Various types of rotation system can be applied to the sliders. Even the full screen sliders can also be created by this extension. This extension will make your site more SEO Friendly. You may know that counting of the visitors is very necessary for many cases. This difficult task can be done easily with the help of the ZT Visitor Counter. This exclusive extension will let you monitor the visitor for different time periods and it has various built-in styles. ZT Corner Banner is another useful product of the ZooTemplate Company. This Extension can be used for creating various types of attractive banner for the Joomla Sites.

Get ZooTemplate with Coupon Codes

There are discount coupon applicable for any package. This include Silver Membership, Gold Membership, Platinum as well as Developer Membership. They have a number of cool templates and extensions as well. Though the price seems little higher, but with subscription package it should be reasonable. Just make sure to get ZooTemplate coupon code 2014 for purchase.