Zoolz Business Coupon, Get TB with Discount Coupon

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Coupon Details

Get 25% discount for Zoolz packages. Apply the following code in the cart in order to get Zoolz Business coupon.


Business Terabyte Cloud Storage (1 TB)

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Coupon for Zoolz Business Edition

Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud and Coupon Code

Zoolz business is the important program which is used for the data storage. It has also provided the backup of the data system. Data are selected by this Zoolz business program and backup is given here. It can work with the antivirus program and give security to the data related to businesses. It is a service of cloud backup and works as like as cold storage. Functions for the businesses which are comprehensive are offered by this Zoolz business program. Unlimited services are also provided here by this Zoolz business tool. The exclusive Zoolz Business discount is available. The coupon have to be applied.

The Main Features

Storage system- Zoolz business program is used for the storage system of the data which are necessary for the businesses. The businessman can depend on this system undoubtedly. Three types of storage systems are also found here. They are instant, cold and local system. This Zoolz business program is also used for the data archive.

Serving system- Zoolz business program has the system of server related. Windows server can be provided backup by this program. Data protection systems are stored by it with the continuous process. File backup support is opened and large files are blocked by this Zoolz business.

Stylish policy- Zoolz business has the policies which are stylish and related to the business. The rules for file retention are found in this Zoolz business program. The policies for smart selections are also found here. Backup frequency and performance modes are set properly. Instant search can be done by this program.

How to avail Zoolz discount coupon: To avail the promotion, need to copy above code. Then make sure to copy/paste it in the cart.

Plans for Zoolz Business

The Genie9 Software Company provides three options for the customers who are interested in buying the Zoolz Business. The Terabyte plans can be the best options for you if you want to get minimum 1 TB to 10 TB storage. This company also offers the Instant Storages plans which are very friendly. If you want to get minimum 200 GB to maximum 2000 GB storages then you can choose any of the Instant Storage Plans. You can buy the Instant Storage with a monthly or yearly plan. All these plans are for various users. The most innovative offer for the Zoolz Business is the customer can get their own made plans. As a customer, if you do not like the Instant Storage plans or the Terabyte plans, you can select the specifications of the plans and get the desired storage very easily.

There is Zoolz Business coupon available for purchasing, so get the same for purchasing from 1 TB to more in 2016. The discount coupon available here for mentioned Terabyte cloud storage.