ZipCloud Review: Get Awesome Pricing for Cloud Storage

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The cloud storage can be necessary for the personal purposes as well as business purposes. Though there are so many companies providing the cloud storages to the customers, the ZipCloud is one of those companies which provides free cloud storage as well as paid cloud storages. So before choosing the cloud storages offered by other companies, you can consider the storages and offers of the ZipCloud. All the offers of this company have been discussed here in this article.

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Various Offers of the ZipCloud

As the users of the ZipCloud Personal, you can store all your important data, files and documents to the cloud storage. This is free of cost which is undoubtedly great offer of the ZipCloud. The ZipCloud Personal is very easy to use. After installing this, you don’t have to think about the synchronization of the files because it will do that itself. The backup service offered with this package of ZipCloud is very much secured. So, you can even store the confidential files and photon into that online storage. The automated backup system of the ZipCloud will never let any data to be lost from your selected computers. After creating an account of ZipCloud and installing this to your computer, you will be allowed to use unlimited storage.

Overview of the Zip Business

Various basic and advanced features are included with the Zip Business by the ZipCloud Company. If you choose this plan offered by this company then you will be able to create your account and manage those without any problem. As this package has been created for the business holders, it allows the users to access their files from anywhere and any device.

Multi-User support is one of the main advantages of the Zip Business. It will let one user to share their files with other users. Strongest protection will be provided to the files for each of the users. 100 GB and 500 GB plans offer for the Zip Business. The first one is available from $35.94/mo for 5 computers and the second one is available from $71.94/mo for 20 computers (as of 08 September 2014). You can add more storage space and users according to your necessity.

Features of the Zip Partners

ZipCloud will also let you be the reseller of the storages of this company. While using the storage of this company as a reseller, you can the name of your company and set up the rules and prices for the customers who will use the parts of that storage. ZipCloud offers three plans for the resellers. The lightest plan is the 500 GB plan which can be purchased with $19.14 monthly payment. Another one is the 1TB plan which can be purchased with $35.94 monthly price. 2 TB plan is also available and you have to pay $71.94 for each month to use this plan. All the prices here are according to 08 September 2014.