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The term Yellow Pages means the contact information of the businesses. In the online world, this term refers the business or vertical directories. Various advertisements can be published there with necessary contact information. There are so many popular yellow pages. It is not that easy to search all of those to collect the necessary info. This difficult task can be done very easily with the help of the Yellow Pages Spider. This impressive tool can do several tasks very quickly and saves a high amount of time of the user. The major features of this product are:

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Review & Features of Yellow Pages Spider

All the data of the websites may not be matched with the criteria you fixed. That is why the customizable searching facility is needed. But unfortunately, this feature is not available in most of the tools. The Yellow Pages Spider provides this facility. It has the capability to work with the filtering tools on the targeted website to detect the necessary data.

You don’t have to set the filtering term for each of the pages of the websites. Just select this for the first one and then this tool will execute the same operation for all the other pages. Extracting data from the websites is not difficult if you have the Yellow Pages Spider. After selecting the site, you just have to provide one click. Then this tool will provide you the data you look for.

Completely Affordable Price

As per the 8 November 2015, the price of this amazing product is only $97. After purchasing this license you will get the user manual for it. Important and attractive thing is, the same license can be used in two different computers. Lifetime warranty is perhaps the most impressive facility of the Yellow Pages Spider.

It is fact that the update for this tools can be offered anytime. So you may need to update this when needed. By just one click, this product can be updated. Every day the websites are changing in properties and data. That is why the team of Yellow Pages Spider keeps the product updated.

Supports New Sources

As we said earlier that the number of yellow pages is very high. Country-based pages can be found very easily. The Yellow Pages Spider can work with those of some countries like USA and Australia. The team of this tool will add new countries soon. According to the necessities of the users, they will add the most asked countries first.

Another important feature of this product is, it will let you work with anonymous proxies. So it will be easier for you to protect the identities. After extracting the data, Yellow Pages Spider will export those directly to the Excel sheet. It supports the CSV format. Duplicate data is very much disturbing and unnecessary. That is why this tool will remove all the duplicates before exporting to the Excel Sheet.