Xara Web Designer 10 Review : Get an Exclusive Pricing

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The products of the Xara brand are very much easier to handle, though those are very much powerful. The Web Designer 10 is one of the best additions to this brand. You may have used other types of web design tools, but this product is far different. You will enjoy using this stunning software because it will provide you complete freedom for your designing tasks. So many things are there talking about it. Let’s check some of the main features and exclusive capabilities of this product of Xara.


Xara Web Designer 10 Overview

This software is completely a template based solution so that you will be able to work with it more easily. To be fact, it can be considered as one of the easiest web design software of the world. The tools which can work based on the HTML coding, will not provide you comfort. With all the necessary tools for the web design, this software provides so many graphics tools. It will let you use several types of images and texts on the website you will create with it.

Those contents can be placed anywhere on the page you will design. After buying this product, you don’t have to rely on other software for designing and publishing the pages. That means it can be used for publishing the pages also. Various types of widgets are included in the galleries of the Xara Web Designer. Photo editing tools of non-destructive types can be considered a huge advantage of this software.

Templates and Tricks

The templates included in the Xara Web Designer are very professional in quality. So you can rely on those without any doubt. The important thing is those templates are not of fixed type. You can easily change or customize the properties of the contents of those.

This software will help you to use several tricks to complete your web page designing tasks more convenient. You can create the thumbnails as well as popups very quickly with it. The colors of the themes and the layout of the texts can be customized quickly by several tricks. The automatic color matching system of this software is very impressive.

Import Media Easily

On your website you may need to import the media files such as the videos and audios. Xara Web Designer will let you import those by the easiest way. Not only the mp3 or video files, but also the PDF files can also be imported in the sites. SEO friendliness of this software of Xara brand is very impressive. The web pages created by this software, will get good rank from any website very quickly.

No browser compatibility issue is there for the Xara Web Designer. The price of this impressively useful software is only $49.99 as of December 24, 2014. The Premium edition of this software is also available with some advanced features at $99.99 only.