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Writing Outliner Discount Coupon

Writing Outliner Word Add-on Review

Actually the Microsoft Word is a very easy document writing application which can be used for creating various types of books and documents. But you can create those more easily by using reliable writing friendly add-on like the Writing Outliner. This is very easy to use add-on with so many exclusive features. If you are a professional writer then you can choose the Writing Outliner and it is also perfect for the personal uses. Some of the major features of this product have been discussed below. Also in addition, check above Writing Outliner promo price and discount on purchase.

Perfect for Project Based Writing

When you will write for any type of project, the Writing Outliner will help you to maintain that very easily. So you don’t have to worry about writing the novels and personal diary any more. You can manage the small documents containing complex texts with the help of this add-on. You may know that the plotting of the documents, especially the novels, is very important. To help you for this purpose the Writing Outliner offers the corkboard view which can be used to watching the whole documents with index card mode and then organizing the index card to ensure perfect sequences of the novels. Most important thing is the corkboard view let the users to see the overview and progress of any large document. This Word add-on has two different types of project outlines and those are the project manager online, which can act as the main control panel of any project, and the Multi-column outline which is very helpful for the planning of larger projects.

Text Searching and Document Editing

Finding anything about the project is not difficult anymore because this add-on has the search as you type facility for which you can get the necessary information about anything very quickly when you will type that. You can search the phrases, prefixes, etc. about the topic instantly. Writing Outliner has the tabbed editing feature for which you will be able to edit the documents very quickly and switch from one document to another very fast. Various sets of document icons have been provided with this product which will increase your writing experiences for sure. You can useful note in your documents by using the Writing Outliner.

Affordable Prices and Discount

Now the Introductory Promo pack of the Writing Outliner is only $49 as per 14 November 2014. When you will purchase this pack, you will get the license key and one year upgrade facility. The Writing Outliner + MindVisualizer can also be a great choice for you because the MindVisualizer is a mind mapping software which can be used for mapping the large writing projects very easily. You can use it for executing your ideas in your writing perfectly. The price of this pack is only $79 as of January 2015. With the Writing Outliner discount coupon, the product is available at reduced price. So just get the special price, no coupon code for this outliner tool is required.