WPClicks Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

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There are so many reasons why people love the WordPress sites. In the world market, various types of themes and plugins are available for such sites. Using those, you can make various changes and get various information from the sites. To know about the details about the web traffic, you can use analytics plugin.

WPClicks Review

One of the innovative analytics plugins is the WPClicks. It is not an ordinary tool which will show you only the statistical data. It is video tracking web-based software. So many features it offers to impress the customers. Some of those are:

Effective Video Tracking

As it disappointing that most of the analytics tools have not the video tracking facility. This can be the main reason why you can choose the WPClicks. For this innovative video tracking feature, you will be able to see the activities of the visitors to your site. You will be able to know that what they like and what they do not. Then you can solve those issues for which they do not want to stay on your website. That means, this WordPress plugin actually lets you read the mind of the visitors. It has the unlimited recording feature. You may be thinking that the installation process of this solution is difficult. But actually, it is very easy to install. You can install and control this without proper knowledge of coding.

Campaign Management System

WPClicks can be used for starting and executing various custom campaigns to the targeted websites. Individual action to the websites can be monitored very easily with the help of individual campaign. You will be able to name the campaign differently to monitor those activities. After collecting the data of each campaign it will store those for future necessities. You can get that information later and take necessary attempts to get more subscribers. You can get some extra information about the visitors with the help of WPClicks. You can get the IP addresses of them and what operating system they use. From where they have found the links of the targeted webpage can also be monitored. Depending on the collected data, you can create custom reports.

Affordable License Plans

For this web-based video styled solution, there are three different license plans. One of those is the Single Site license. You can use this plan of WPClicks for one domain only. You can purchase this for $47 only. The multi-site license of this product is also very much attractive. By purchasing this by $57, you can use this with three different domains. The most powerful and popular package is the Unlimited license. It has been created for working with an unlimited number of domains. At the post writing time, the price of this license was only $97. All these license plans are available for a one-time fee.