WOWSlider v6.7 Image Slider Review : Get Awesome Pricing

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Though the main features of all the image slider tools are same, but you cannot say all of those are the same because of the difference of their other features. Picking the perfect image slider tool is a skill and if you are skilled enough, then you will choose the right one for you of course. As an image slider tool, the WOWSlider v6.7 is highly recommendable.

The price of this product is affordable and the features of this are very impressive. There are so many other reasons why you can choose this image slider for your websites and some of those main features have been discussed here.


Perfectness of WOWSlider v6.7 Image Slider Tool

One of the most important thing for any type of software or tool is how easy that can be used by the users. If you consider this thing for the WOWSlider tool, then it can be said that this is one of the easiest image slider tools to handle. To create the image sliders with this tool, you just have to complete three stages.

First of all, you just have to drag the photos which are needed to be used in the sliders and drop those to the interface of the WOWSlider. After dropping the images, you must need to apply the necessary effects and color skins and then you just have to save your work very easily. The created slider can be used then in the WordPress pages, Joomla web pages and all the other types of web pages.

In every image slider, there can be so many parameters. The image sizes can be customized, the slider delays can be changed and other properties can also be customized. The WOWSlider will let you customize all of those very easily.

Responsive Design and Live Preview

If you create the image sliders with the help of this product then those sliders will be responsive. As the popularities of the smartphones and touch friendly devices are increasing in full speed, it is very important to make the websites and the web contents fully responsive and touch friendly. WOWSlider will let you do that very easily.

No coding experience is necessary for creating the responsive image sliders by using the WOWSlider. The Live Preview facility of this product is very useful. For this facility, you will be able to watch the changes to the image slider live when you will make any change in any parameter.

Multi-Browser and OS Compatible

All the popular browsers like the Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, etc. can be used with the WOWSlider. It is available in the plugin mode, which can be used in the Joomla and WordPress sites. This image slider tool is compatible with the most popular computer operating system Windows and Mac. It supports so many languages and it can create the video sliders also.