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Coupon Details

Looking for a discount on Wing FTP Server? Then get it from our site with the exclusive 10% Wing FTP Server coupon which will be provided to you as cash rebate. For more details on getting the rebate, please refer to the following image:

Wing FTP Server Cash

The Summary on Wing FTP Server

For managing the enterprise based FTP server, many platforms are available in the market. The Wing FTP Server is one of the best ones in this section. This flexible and easy-to-use solution helps us to maintain the FTP server system. Under this, many platforms are available like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS and so on. It affords a lot of protocols in the file transfer process like HTTP, FTP, FTPS, SFTP and so on. Through this server system, the end users will be able to interact with the server system. The admin here observe the system to gain the flexible interface section for controlling the server almost from any section. Besides, the server performance can also be checked through this solution. In case, you can activate the online based session monitoring and the receive email notification process. Get this product with the coupon if the product interests you. You don’t need any extra coupon code in order to receive the discount.

Key features

One of the best features under Wing FTP Server for Windows is the multiple protocols supporting the issue. Under this term, you will gain the facility of using FTP, HTTP, SFTP, HTTPS server using policy. In the web based administration process, the users will observe the term to handle the server from the remote place. This process will be organized in a systematic way and secured manner. In the client section, some specific tools are available for the users by which the file transfer process can be managed easily. In case of multiple domains using policy, you will get the term of using various virtual servers by depending on a single IP address. Here, the access method of Ipv6 is also available.

Addition facilities under this

Wing FTP Server for Windows also includes some supportive features for the users. For the client section, it has added the screen reader supporting issue. It has tested it with the NVDA and JAWS. Here, an effective console is afforded for the administrator. For the task scheduler section, you can use Lua scripts for appointing any action. Besides, the program based event managed can also be triggered. To maintain the flexible access method in the server section, multiple authentications are also allowed here. Moreover, it also offers virtual directories. In this case, the auditing process and the reporting term are also included.

Coupon and Pricing

Wing FTP Server for Windows offers three editions and these are: Standard edition, Secure Edition and Corporate edition. Under the Standard edition, you will have to pay $199 for a single license. For 2 licenses, you need to pay $378. In case of 5 licenses, only $796 is needed. For the Secure edition, you will have to pay only $459 for a single license. In case of 3 and 5 licenses, you need only $1239 and $1836. This is the pricing without the coupon being included. Inside Corporate edition, $3596 is needed for 5 licenses.

The Wing FTP Server coupon gives you an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the features of this product at a much cheaper price. We hope you enjoy this discount.