Windows 8.1 Promo Code 2016: Microsoft and Amazon

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Get latest Windows 8.1 discount price from the store of Microsoft and some cool deals from the Amazon Store. Check the promo code price here, also you can upgrade to Pro Pack from current Windows 8.1.

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Overview of Windows 8

If you use the devices in which the latest quality processors are included, then it is very essential to use the high quality operating system to get more advantages from the PC. Microsoft provides Windows operating system which is the most popular operating system of the world. There are some version of Windows such as XP, Vista, 7 and most importantly the Windows 8. So many unique features has made Windows 8 very useful one. Also with the Windows 8.1 promo code price from Amazon, the deals could get cheaper. No extra coupon code is required though.

Important Features of This Product

We all know that the popularity of the smartphones and tablets is very high and still increasing in a very high rate. Keeping this thing to the mind Windows has created Windows 8 which is perfect for use in the touch friendly devices and also in the desktops and laptops. To make this friendlier with touch, Microsoft has included the Start Menu with tiles view of the options which will be available in that menu. When you will start your device, then first of all, the start menu will be shown. And that is why you will be able to go to any options directly.

The multimedia support of this operating system is really impressive and that is why you can open and watch any videos, images and other multimedia files in perfect resolution. It can enhance the visual resolution of your desktop and sound quality of your computer. That is why it is not necessary to install extra drivers for the monitor, audio and graphics.

There is no need to use additional application to extract the compressed files because this innovative product of Microsoft provides the necessary application to extract any type of compressed files with great efficiency. This operating system is also very friendly for opening any kind of documents by the built in Reader application. You can share your documents and email your friends very easily by using the Messaging and Mail options which will be available in the Start Menu. The Windows Action Centre can be used if you face any problem to run your PC.


There are Windows 8.1 coupon code pricing available from Amazon. But the price from Microsoft store also seems reasonable. Upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 8.1 charges only 119.99 whereas Windows 8.1 pro charges at $199.99 in 2015. If you have Windows XP or Vista, then you can also upgrade it to the latest edition. No additional promo code is required for this.

Windows 8.1 pro pricing and promotion

Major Benefits

If you compare the process and the time required for the installation of this version of Windows to the others, then you will find that Window 8 is easier to install and it requires little time to be installed. One of the major advantages of this operating system is it is suitable to work with both the 32 and 64 bit processors. So, you can easily install this to all the latest devices which are advanced processors. The touch friendly devices like the smartphones and tablets are now the hotcake to all the users. Windows 8 is designed as beautifully that it is also suitable for use in those touch friendly devices.

Some applications are included in this extraordinary operating system. For example, it is not necessary to use additional applications for extracting the compressed files because there is application for this product for helping you to extract any kind of compressed files. You can open and read the documents, especially PDF files, by using the built in Reader application on Windows 8. For protecting your device and files, Microsoft has included security tools for this product. You can use Microsoft Security Essential to protect all of the files.

Start Menu is the newest addition to the list of features of this operating system. This menu is very much friendly for touch and you can customize this menu by adding and removing any shortcuts of the applications and folders of your computer. So, you easily go to any destination by using the Start Menu.

Windows 8.1 Pricing and Promo Codes

Microsoft had created the first version of Windows operating system many years ago. Since then this software corporation has released various versions of Windows one after another. Among all the versions Windows 7 has become the most popular operating systems. After that version Microsoft has released Windows 8 which has also achieved so much popularity. Some new and useful features are added to this latest operating system and for those features this operating system is different than the others.

So make sure to avail price for the same in 2016- 2017. No additional promo code for Windows 8.1 is required. You can get the discount price at amazon store as well as can upgrade the package.