Webs.com Review : Get an Amazing Pricing for Complete Solution

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When you will visit the Webs Website, then you will be able to find the complete solutions for building the Websites and providing the hosting facilities to those. The Webs Company offers all the tools which can be used for creating beautiful Websites and it offers storages for the Websites. So if you rely on the Webs then you don’t have to rely on any other companies for anything related to your Websites. Even this company offers huge collection of themes for the Websites.


Webs.com Features and Facilities

There are three different plans offered on the webs.com Website. The Starter plan can be chosen by you if you want to create basic Websites or those Websites which will be needed for personal purposes. The Starter plan can be used for creating unlimited pages. Important thing is, after purchasing this plan you will be able to create the web pages which will be password protected. You will be able to create beautiful web pages very quickly with the help of the premium themes provided with the Starter plan of the Webs.

One of the most important feature of this plan is you don’t have use the Webs name on your Website. To create the Websites related to the business organization, you can choose the Enhanced plan which will offer you custom domain. All the features of the Starter plan are also available with this plan. The Enhanced Plan also offers the Website statistic system and various custom Email addresses. Google ad credits have been added to the Enhanced Plan.

Various Plans offered By This Company

If you have planned about creating the ecommerce Websites then the perfect plan for you is the Pro plan which offers some additional features with all of those of the Enhanced plan. Email and live chat facilities can be activated in those Websites which are created with the tools offered with this plan. The most attractive feature of this plan is it offers unlimited storage for the Websites. So you can use as many web contents as you want.

Different Features Offered by This Company

Among various types of features the SEO booster is very effective one. This tool will optimize the contents of the targeted Websites such a way that those Websites will get good ranks and positions from various search engines. If you want to add the social media bars in your Websites then you will be able to do that very easily by using the provided tools. This company will help you to create various types of mobile friendly Websites in the quickest time.

Photos and videos can make a Website very much attractive and that is why the Webs Company offers such tools, with all the plans, which will help you to add various types of videos and photos to the Websites. Cloud hosting facilities are also provided by this company and that is why you don’t have to rely on other hosting providers for the hosting solutions for your Websites.