W3Capture Tool of Ondesoft Review : Get Awesome Pricing

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All the popular software companies try to provide different types of products which will be very useful for the computer users. Products are Windows computers are very much available. Because most of the software companies provide most of their products for Windows platform. So if you are a Mac user then you will face little problem to find a reliable tool for your Mac.


Summary of the Ondesoft W3Capture Tool

Ondesoft is such software company which provides high quality software and tools for the Mac devices. The products of this company are very useful and different kinds of. Ondesoft W3 Capture is one of the best products of this company. This software will help you to save the webpages in different types of image and document formats.

Why This Software can be Chosen

If you are a professional blogger then this product of Ondesoft is perfect for you because as a professional blogger it is very important to take the screen shot of the webpages or HTML files in many cases. You will face no difficulty while using this innovative software. Suppose you need to take the image of many webpages for your work.

If you use the general quality webpage capturing tool, then you have to capture the image of each webpage separately and save those to the hard drive of your device. But if you have the W3Capture then you will be able to capture the images of multiple pages at the same time and to do this, you just have to click on your mouse once.

Another con can be found for any normal quality webpage capturing tool and that is all the contents of the webpages cannot capture by that tool. But the W3Capture will capture any webpage perfectly, including all the web contents. It can store the captured webpages into several types of image formats and the most popular document format PDF.

One of the most attractive feature of W3Capture is it will allow you to save the image files in different sizes. That means you will be able to select the length and width of the images. This software can also capture and save the images of the webpages into most suitable sizes automatically.

Customer Service and Conditions to Upgrade

Though this software is available in trial version which is completely free, the premium edition of it offers all the features. Most important thing is you will get the customer support from the Ondesoft team if you purchase the license of it. Ondesoft ensures that, the customers will get their replies from the customer service team in between one day after their emailing. After purchasing the license, you will be allowed to upgrade this for a lifetime without any extra charge. Ondesoft will also notify you about the discounts and offers for the W3Capture.