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Offer Expiry: April 17, 2015

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VMware Promo Code

Highlights of the VMware Fusion

There should be no doubt that the Windows operating system is the most commonly used platforms all over the world. Each of the versions of this operating system has achieved huge popularity to the computer users. But the number of Mac users is also very high. If you are a Mac user then you may face one problem that the Windows applications cannot be used in the Mac. If you want to do so, then you can use the VMware Fusion 6 which is one of the best products of the Company. Mentioned above the exclusive limited time price offer where VMware discount code would not be required. Just get the promo price when making the purchase of VMware Workstation, Fusion Professional as well as VMware Player.

The Features and Benefits

When you will need to run the Windows applications on your Mac, then the VMware Fusion 6 will be very helpful. The user interface of it is very much user friendly and that is why you will get the perfect Windows experience from your Mac. This tool can deal with the Mac OS X Mavericks. All the features of the OS X Mavericks can be used in all types of Windows apps with the help of the VMware Fusion 6. One of the most important features of VMware fusion 6 is it supports the multiple displays. This very useful software hypervisor can work with both the OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion too. Sometimes it becomes necessary to run the OS X Mavericks to the virtual machines and in those cases you may face so many difficulties. VMware Fusion 6 is very much helpful for running OS X Mavericks to such virtual machines. So if you need to open and run the new apps for the Macs as well as the iOS you can use the virtual machines which are created with the help of the Fusion 6.

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Windows 8.1 is the latest version of the Windows operating system and it offers so many important and attractive features. If you need to use the Windows 8.1 to your Mac, then you must use such software hypervisor, which can bring all the features of the Windows 8.1. VMware Fusion 6 is one of the best ways to get and use fully featured Windows 8.1 to the Macs. The latest version of Windows has some editions like the Pro and Enterprise. VMware Fusion can work with all those editions very efficiently. The most amazing thing about this software hypervisor is it will let you open the Mac applications and the Windows applications at the same time side by side. You may think that the VMware will not able to run the Windows applications with proper speed. You don’t have to think that because it ensures that the Windows Applications can be run with almost native speed on your Mac. It is also very friendly for the battery life of your device.

Trial Version and Promotion

If you don’t want to buy the license of this product before trying this then the suitable option for you is to use the trial version which is completely free. Though only the licensed version of VMware Fusion offers all the features, you will get the idea of this product by using the free trial version. Moreover, the VMware promo code 2015 is ideally exclusive to provide some reduced price. No additional discount code for the VMware Workstation or VMware Fusion is required.