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Many of the websites are providing the chat facilities to the visitors. The visitors are allowed to chat with the agents about their queries on those websites. This facility really effective for generating more leads. But it is fact that all the time the service manager will not be ready to answer the visitors. But the visitors can visit your site any time in a day. A solution of this problem is the automated chat agent.

VirtualSpirits Review

VirtualSpirits is a good example of this kind of solution. You can use this to your site and deal with every visitor. Some features of this product are:

Very Easy to Use

There is no such complexity to add this tool to the website. First of all, you have to create your VirtualSpirits account. Then the script will be provided which you have to past into the targeted website. And these are the easy steps after which the online chat manager will be ready in your site. This solution can also be added to the Wix and Yalla Store websites. For adding this to the Wix site, the necessary app should be used from the Wix App store. That app will help you to add VirtualSpirits to the Wix website. Similarly, for adding this product to Yalla Store sites, the embedding code should be used using the control panel.

Different Pricing Options

VirtualSpirits has achieved huge popularity due to several reasons. The suitable pricing is one of those. Four different licenses of this product have been offered. One of those is the Small Plan which is suitable for individuals. It is only for single control panel user. When this post has been created, the monthly cost for this was $9 only. The Professional License of this automated chat software can be recommended for websites of professionals. Control panel of this is also for one user. 29 USD/month is the cost of this plan. VirtualSpirits Business license is for the small business sites. It has come with 5 control panel user support. That is why the cost for this is $99 per month. i-Business is the most powerful license which is for 10 users. It can be enjoyed by 239 USD monthly price. The Small Business and iBusiness License holders will get phone support from the customer service.

Chat Agent Customization

Personalization of the chat agent is a big feature of this software. The VirutalSpirits will let you upload your own photo for this purpose. You can easily change the style and color of the agent. Even you can also use the company logo with ease. You can use the chat agents for generating more leads. That means, it can ask the visitors to provide their email addresses and phone numbers. It will let you set different answers for the common questions of the visitors. Most important thing is, you can deactivate the auto-answering mode of VirtualSpirits. Then you can chat with the visitors with your own.