Virool Online Video Campaigning Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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There are so many ways to increase revenue or ROI. Online video campaigning is one of those methods. In doing this, you have to import or create necessary videos first. Then some additional banners and advertisements can be added to those. And then those must be posted on various publisher sites. All these tasks are undoubtedly difficult if you want to do these manually. But Virool is a platform which is perfect for doing all these very easily and quickly. Here are some features of this platform:


A Short Review of the Virool

Publishers can earn huge money by using this tool. Virool will allow publishers to create a new video library. And then this platform can be used for increases video sales. Created contents can easily be embedded into articles. Inside articles, you can easily customize the player size of these contents. Depending on mouse hover, the sound will play automatically. Publishers will love the quality of each created content.

This tool can generate any kind advertisements. These videos will give better experiences to use. Virool is available as a backfill tool which has made this stronger. No matter how many campaigns you run, this platform will make all of those successes.

Platform for Advertisers

All kinds of professional advertisers can use Virool ensuring more revenue. Complete customization is one of the best features of this platform. When an advertising campaign is made, there must be the target audience. Audience Builder program is helpful for doing so. Another question may arise that where to place these advertisements. This platform will provide you a large list of publisher sites.

From that list, you can easily choose the correct one to publish advertisements. Virool has very informative and easy to use dashboard. From that single place, it is possible to find out real-time results of the campaigns. For ensuring better ROI, you may need to get help from other platforms. This solution can work with Vizu, Datalogix, Bluekai, and DoubleVerify etc. All these additional partners are effective for ensuring better targeting, easier publishing, and higher profit.

Pricing for Campaigns

In case of small but lifetime campaigns, the minimum price offered by Virool is only $25 USD. This pricing is completely flexible. Depending on the nature of the campaign, lifetime price can be even $1000. After paying this once, the campaign will run for an unlimited time without additional charge. Only you will get the power to pause campaigns depending on your necessity.

Similarly, this platform is also perfect for day to day use. Per day charge for using Virool is only 25 USD as per 5 February 2017. This platform will let you use any video from anywhere. While creating campaigns with those videos, you can add clickable banners on those for earning more revenue. Then it will help to select target audience. After starting a campaign, this solution will let you provide performance reports by using its analytics tool.