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True Launch Bar discount

Manage Computer Shortcuts with True Launch Bar

Using the advanced version of the operating system is not the only necessary thing because you should use the advanced features of that operating system properly. Actually each of the operating system is the combination of so many features and programs and that is why it is not so easy to use all the features of that operating system manually. So if you can use such tool which will bring all the important shortcuts in one place and let you use those very quickly then that will be very good for you. The True Launch Bar is such shortcut manager tool you may look for. We have brought light on the main features of this very useful tool.

There is True Launch Bar discount available on the purchase. Just apply the coupon code on the tool.

Windows Quick Launch Compatible

Normally the shortcuts of the newly installed programs get into the Windows Quick Launch bar so that those programs can be opened very quickly. One of the best features of the True Launch Bar is it is compatible with the Quick Launch bar of the Windows. That means when you will install any new app, then that will place directly to the True Launch Bar. So you can use this very easily just as you do with the Quick Launch bar. If you want to create the menus to the True Launch Bar and categorize the shortcuts with different styles then you will be doing that very easily and this is very useful feature of this shortcut manager tool. For grouping the shortcuts into different menus the separator tool of this product will help you very much.

Provide Attractive Appearance

Appearance is very important in all cases. If your True Launch Bar is not attractive then you will not like to open that and work with that. To be fact that will not going to happen because the True Launch Bar is easily customizable. Different skins have been included in this product so that you can change the appearances of the menus and bars very easily. For different options in the menus, you can use different hot keys. This shortcut Manager tool will let you create virtual folders to your computers. Run on mouse hover is another nice feature of this product and for this feature you don’t have to click on the shortcuts all the time. When you will put the mouse pointer on any shortcut for a specific time, that program will be opened automatically.

Packages and Prices

Without discount coupon, normally the Personal Package of True Launch Bar is $19.90 as of 2015. For using it in 4 different computers, you can buy the Home Package and its price is only $49. By purchasing the Business Package of $139, you will be able to use True Launch Bar in 40 different computers. The Price of the Corporate Package is $779 and it is for unlimited number of computers.

So having the True Launch Bar coupon will provide the discount on the tool purchase.