TopSpy Cell Phone Tracking Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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The TopSpy is one of those tools which can be used for spying on the targeted mobile phones. It is a cross section tool and that is why you can use this for monitoring the mobile phones of different platforms like the Android, iOS and Blackberry. Some essential features have made this product very useful. With those useful features, the friendly packages have made this product more attractive. Let’s take a look at the features and packages of this product.


Why you can use the TopSpy

To protect your children from the abuse you can assess their call logs with the help of TopSpy. Not only you will be able to know who had called to the targeted phones or the phone calls made to whom from that phone, but also you will be able to record the phone conversation very easily. Just like the voice calls, the incoming and outgoing messages can be recorded by this phone spy software.

People use various ways like the Skype, Viber etc. to communicate or talk to others and that is why the TopSpy can record the activity of those media. Just in case, you find anything wrong done by your children or employees, their phones, then you will be able to lock those phones or wipe the data remotely by using the TopSpy. This spy software can track the exact locations of the targeted phones and that is why this will let you know where your children or employees go.

Other Features of this Spy Software

The sounds of the surrounding environments can be very helpful in many cases. You will be able to record those sounds by using the TopSpy. For the maximum product of the Business, it is very important to get access to the internet usage of the employees. It will ensure you that they waste the valuable time and internet data or not. TopSpy will let you monitor the internet usage very easily.

During the working hours, you can stop the incoming calls very efficiently with the help of this monitoring software. Another very important and commonly used way to share the data and information is the Emailing. At this time of speedy internet it is very essential to monitor the corporate emails and this task can be done with the TopSpy.

Various Plans of the TopSpy

Pro, Pro Plus and Business are the three plans for the TopSpy Software. The Pro plan will let you see the history of the last 700 calls from the targeted mobile phone. 300 SMS can be monitored with the help of this software. The other two plans will let you spy on the unlimited number of phone calls and SMSs. The Email Premium support is the great advantage of the TopSpy Business Edition.