Titanium Antivirus and Security Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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If you know about different companies which provide various types of protection tools for the computers then you may know about the Trend Micro Software Company because this company offers very effective protection tools. It cannot be said that all the products of this company are equally popular, but some products have achieved huge popularity to the computer users all over the world. One of the most popular products of the Trend Micro is the Titanium Antivirus+ Security which is packed of important features. Let’s find out the main features of this strong protection software.titanium antivirus


Details of the Titanium Antivirus + Security

The Trend Micro offers some products which can be used for the protection of the multiple types of devices. But eh Antivirus+ of this company can be used for the protection of one PC only. So if you are looking for the protection solution for only your personal computer, you can consider this software. All types of dangerous viruses will be detected by this product very effectively.

Faster protection engine is one of the best advantages of Titanium Antivirus+ Security. That protection engine can stop all types of threats and even the web threats also. The protection engine of this product is completely cloud based. So that will be updated regularly to protect your PC from all types of new viruses and threats. It can detect and eliminate all types of dangerous worms and Trojans.

Effective Privacy Protection Engine

Though this is mainly the protection solution which can protect the computers from all types of PC threats, it can also protect all types of private information also. It has built-in anti-spyware tool which will not let any spyware be successful of collecting data from your device. Anti-phishing tool of the Titanium Antivirus+ Security is very impressive. That means the phishing detection rate of this protection software very much high and even higher than that of different other popular antivirus solutions. It will act as a very solid protection wall against all types of identity thefts.

System Requirements and Pricing Plans

32 bit and 64 bit systems, both are appropriate for installing and running the Titanium Antivirus+ Security. It has been created for the protection of the Windows computers so that it is fully compatible with all the editions of the Windows operating system. Windows XP is very old edition of such operating system and the Windows 8.1 is the latest. You can use any of the editions from XP to 8.1. The price of the 1 year license of this product is only $39.95 and if you want to buy the Titanium Antivirus+ Security for 2 years for your single PC, then you have to spend only $64.95 according to the date 15 September 2014.