Thesis Theme Review : Get an Amazing Pricing for the Product

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Some people can consider the Thesis as a blog theme. But most of the users call it a theme framework. The main reason behind this is it can be used for creating various types of theme for the WordPress sites. And also you can use this product simply to create your blog site. For the installation of Thesis, you have to get a site. It will not work on the sites. Chris Pearson and Rick Beckman, the creators of this product, always keep it updated. Some of the main features of this product are:


Thesis – An Innovative Blog Theme

It is very important to control and customize the theme perfectly. You can use two different control panel menus for managing Thesis. Different types of configuration options have been added to one control panel menu. Some easy to handle configuration processes can be handled from there. The contents that you want to share, the addition of pages that you include to navigation can be handled from here.

The other menu is more important. You will get all types of design options in this menu. The number and width of the columns can be selected from here. You can also select the positions of the columns very easily. It is not necessary to choose the same types of fonts for all the sections of websites. You can use this control panel menu to customize the font sizes and styles of different sections of the page. If you love the magazine style front page, then the Features and Teasers option will help you. You can promote the featured posts very easily from there.

Search Engine Optimization

The Thesis has another great advantage and that is it is suitable for the search engine optimization. Though the WordPress itself is friendly for SEO, this theme will make that perfect. The search engines are always aware of the contents of the websites. It is very important to show the contents perfectly. The thesis will represent your web contents nicely and it has a very clean layout. The meta tags and title tags will be specified by this product perfectly also.

Different Pricing Plans

Basic, Basic Plus, and Professional are the three plans for the Thesis. Both the Basic and Basic Plus Plans are for one licensed domain. Whereas the Professional Plans are suitable for unlimited domains. With this advanced solution, you will get unlimited updates, email and forum support. But with the other two plans, you will get the updates and support facilities for 1 year only. When this article was written, the price of the Basic plan was 87 USD. The price of the Basic Plus plan, on the other hand, was 164 USD. The price of this plan is higher because it includes various skins and email opt-in boxes. The most powerful Professional plan can be purchased by 197 USD only. It contains all the skins and add-on boxes.