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TemplateZone is very popular brand for different types of templates. The products of this brand can be very useful for the employers, employed and business owners. Mainly the email templates and the office templates of this company are highly popular all across the world. Other products are also very efficient. For most of the software or templates, the TemplateZone provides different editions so that people can buy those for different reasons. Let’s consider the advantages of some products of TemplateZone.


Some Stunning TemplateZone Products

This is actually the email marketing software which has so many built in email templates. It has two different editions called the Professional and Platinum. The email templates added in these products are HTML based. More than 300 templates have been provided with the Professional edition and Platinum edition offers more than 600. The prices of these editions are respectively $99.95 and $149.95 as of 10 October 2014.

This email marketing software will let you customize the emails with different styles and you can add various contact info to different parts of the created emails. Sometimes different photos are needed to be included in the emails. High Impact Email 5 has the built-in photo editor which will let you customize the photos before sending through the emails. By using the ReadyShare you will be able to import the images directly to the selected email templates. The color management and profile management tools of this software are also very effective.

Features of OfficeReady 4.0

This software offers the Office templates with which you will be able to create various types of attractive Office documents like the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, etc. files. Like the High Impact Email, this product also has two different editions called the Professional and Platinum which can be purchased by $69.95 and $99.95 respectively. The first one offers more than 400 templates and 700+ Office templates are offered by the Platinum plan.

Various color schemes have been added in both this edition. The automatic profile building capability is one of the biggest advantages of the OfficeReady 4.0. The Platinum edition of it has the capability to import a large number of contacts from the Microsoft Outlook and from other locations and it has the PowerPoint assistant tool also.

Other Essential Products

Among the other products of the TemplateZone brand, the Office Policy Manual 2014 is very impressive. It offers various types of templates for creating various types of office policy manuals and job description. Workplace posters can also be created by this software. The Ultimate Marketing Calculator is another effective software of this company. With the help of this calculator, you will be able to measure the lifetime value of the employees or the customers very easily. It can also be used for calculating the prices of the large number of products.