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Protection is the main thing for all types of devices like the computers, mobile phones and tablets. That is why, no matter for reasons which you use your computers or other devices, you must use the high quality protection suite to those devices. But you can ask which security tool you should choose. Well, actually hundreds and hundreds security tools offered by various software companies. But some products can be recommended to you. One of those recommendable products is the TechGenie Total Security which is very popular product of the TechGenie Software Company.

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Details of the TechGenie Total Security

When you will choose any protection software for your computer, you must consider the operating system compatibility of that product. If you choose such protection tool which cannot deal with all the operating systems, then that will not be usable in many cases. In this case the TechGenie Total Security is highly advanced because this product of the TechGenie Software Company is perfectly compatible with all the classic and latest operating systems. Most importantly, there is no difficulty in the using process of this product.

Main Features and Advantages of This Product

So many built in tools have made the TechGenie Total Security so powerful. One of those tools is the antivirus tool which has the ability to keep the computers free from all the virus infections. Important thing about the antivirus tool of this product is it offers different types of scanning systems with which you will be able to find out the viruses from your computer in different ways.

Similarly the anti-spyware tool has been added to this product to block all types of harmful Spyware and Trojan horses. Because of this, product can detect and block the spywares, you can use internet to watch and download different types of files and media without any tension. The rootkits and various types of malwares will also be detected and stopped by the anti-rootkit and anti-malware tools of the TechGenie Total Security.

Real Time Protection for Internet

One of the reasons for high effectiveness of this product is the real time protection programs. For these programs, the TechGenie Total Security can monitor the entire computer all the times to detect and eliminate the viruses and all types of infections. You may know that the browser protection is very important for the internet users because if you ensure strong browser protection, then the cyber criminal will not be able to do any harm.

The TechGenie Total Security has very effective browser protection tool and that is why after installing this product, you will be able to use internet for data and information sharing tension freely. With the help of the application and game blocker tools of this product you can block any types of games and applications on your computer. Advanced parental control and anti-spam tool are also the advantages of this innovative protection suite.