Steganos Privacy Suite Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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It is better for you to protect the data before any type of damage instead of trying the recovering those after the damage. You can find different types of tools which are useful for creating encrypted folders and protected location for the sensitive files and data. The Steganos Company provides some very strong privacy protection tools and, undoubtedly, the most popular product of this company is the Steganos Privacy Suite 16. Surely the features of this suite will impress you very much.

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Create Protected Folders by Steganos Privacy Suite

The interface of this product of the Steganos brand is very powerful but easy to use. In the Privacy Suite, you will get different total 8 different options. If you want to make the selected files from your computer very safe then you can use the Safe Option for the interface of this product. Email encryption is very important for protecting the personal and business related information.

The Steganos tool of this product will let you encrypt all types of emails very securely. The emails and files which will be protected by this software suite, cannot be cracked by any means. The security level of the total system can easily be observed from the interface of this impressive product.

Very Impressive Password Manager

The Steganos Privacy Suite also has the password manager tool which will let you create and manage different types of passwords very easily. It is very important to choose very strong passwords for different devices and accounts. Otherwise the strangers can get into your devices and folders and access the valuable data very easily.

The built-in password manager of this product will help you use different types of passwords for different devices like the smartphones and computers and for various online accounts. This tool is very much advanced, fast and reliable. It will never let you forget your passwords and to get others the passwords of yours.

Various Additional Features

Some additional features have made this product more effective and strong. It has the PicPass tool which will let you create such a system where the specific folders or devices can be unlocked only when anyone click on some specific images from the box in the right order.

You can delete various types of data and files from your computer very safely. If you delete those with the help of the Shredder tool of the Steganos Privacy Suite, nobody will be able to access those data and recover those in any manner. The URLs where sensitive contents are stored, can be saved with the help of this product very efficiently. The price of this product is only $59.95 as of 28 September 2014 and the trial version of it is also available which has 30 days validity.