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Cell phone monitoring software as well as the tablet monitoring software can be found under the banner of various software companies. Some companies provide the monitoring software for the Android and iPhones only and some provide such product for the Blackberry and Symbian handsets also.


Overview of the Products of Spyera

The Spyera is a such software company which offers the spy software for various types of mobile phones and tablets. Some products of this company have been discussed below.

Android Phone and Tablet Spy Software

Spyera offers very innovative Spyphone Software for the Android phones. The software can work as a hidden spy tool to the targeted device. The Call Interception program of this product will help you to hear the live phone conversation from the Android mobile phone of your target. You can record the call with the help of the live call recorder of this software.

The spy app program of this software can be used for spying on the social media and all types of chatting apps. It can monitor the emails and SMSs very easily. You will be able to know the unlock passwords of the targeted Android Phones. Even the VOIP Calls can also be monitored by the Android Spyphone Software of Spyera. The Features of the Spyphone Software and the Spy Software for the Android Tablets of this company are similar.

The Tablet Spy software of this company can be used for reading any type of iMessage. You will be able to control the activities of this software remotely. It will let you get the address book of the targeted device and also the SIM change history of that device. Innovative feature of this product is it will let you know the battery level of the targeted tablets remotely.

IPhone and iPad Spy Software

The Spyera Software Company offers very innovative spy software for the iPhones and iPads. The iPhone Spy app of this company has the unique feature that it can spy on the Facetime. It will let you not only hear the surroundings of the targeted iPhone, but also watch the surroundings also.

The keylogger program of this product will let you know about the passwords used for the iPhones. The multimedia files, calls and messages, iMessages can also be monitored with the help of this tool. The Spy Software of Spyera for the iPads is very strong. It can work as undetectable software, but it can be accessed and uninstalled remotely.

Like all the other monitoring tools of this company, this product can also be used for monitoring the messages, calls and emails. The applications, which are installed to the targeted devices, can also be uninstalled and monitored by the iPad monitoring software of the Spyera. SIM and Device change notifications will be sent to you by this software.