SmartSync Discount, Obtain Magnificent Coupon in 2017

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Coupon Details

Check out the SmartSync image below. The pathway shown in the image will give you cool 10% SmartSync discount as cash back.

SmartSync Discount

A Short Review of SmartSync

All the computer users deal with large number of data. It is very important to save the data from losses. Due to viral attack, system failure or other reasons, the necessary data can be lost for good. Before that happens, you can use a backup software on your computer. And if that computer is used for professional tasks, then the backup solution is more important. There are various companies which have offered this kind of products. Among those, the SmartSync Software offers the SmartSync Pro. This product is not only a backup solution, but also a software to sync the data. Have the brilliant features of SmartSync with our discount coupon offer. Here are some major points about this product:

All Necessary Features

Very impressive backup system is the main feature of the SmartSync Pro. Most of the backup solutions let the user copy the targeted files into the destination folder. But this one can copy and move the files when necessary. Before storing those to another destination, you can also create the compressed file of those. Incremental backup system has been added in this software. That means, you just have to create full backups of all the files on your device. And after that, the SmartSync Pro will update the backup location with new and updated files. That means, much of your valuable time will be saved by this. When your data will be lost for some reasons, you can easily restore those from the store. Bi-directional sync capability is another important feature of this product. No matter your device is connected to the network or not, this product will sync all the updated data very well. Built in activity logging and schedule tasking capabilities have made this product very powerful. Avail the nice backup system of the tool with SmartSync coupon.

The SmartSync Monitor

This product is the additional tool which can used with the product discussed above. There can be various copies of SmartSync Pro installed in your LAN. This product will help you to monitor all those copies very easily. And the activities of those can also be controlled by it. You can remotely access those. It will help you to open and run all those whenever necessary. You can set passwords for accessing those software.

Impressive Pricing Plans and Discount

You can purchase different units of this backup and sync software. If you get only one unit of this, then the price for you will be only $45 without the discount. But for more number of units, the unit cost will be reduced. As an example, you can get 5 units of it at the same time. In that case, the total cost should be paid is $170 only. That means the unit cost will only be 34 USD. As of the date of writing this review, the cost of the 20 units of this software is only 600 USD. For the SmartSync Monitor is available for attractive price also. For 1-5 computer license of this, you just have to pay 24.95 USD. It can also be purchased for more number of devices.

So, take advantage of the smart features of SmartSync at a much better price with the coupon offer. The SmartSync discount will come in handy for you and we trust that.