SimpleSYN Coupon, Standard & Business Discount Pricing

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Coupon Details

We are providing here a fabulous 10% cash back on purchasing SimpleSYN. To receive this cool cash discount, please purchase SimpleSYN both licenses by clicking on the following links. Then, abide by the instructions clearly stated in the image below to get to the offer.

Standard License

Business License

SimpleSYN Coupon

The cash back is being provided here since there is no SimpleSYN coupon available.

SimpleSYN and Its Functions

To maintain the synchronizing process of the outlook data among multiple computers, this is an active platform to the users. This process is performed in an automatic process. These activities can be managed with the real time activities through any networking condition. The synchronization process can be performed through online or the offline mode. It assures the effective filter based function and the user controlling based admin section. If the overview of SimpleSYN draws your attention, then purchase it with our coupon service. To get the discount on SimpleSYN, no extra coupon code is needed.

The Main Features

This is not only able to manage the synchronizing process of the email sections, but also able to synchronize the outlook of the notes, contacts, calendar section and others. It can manage the sharing process among the desktop PC and the laptop of personal users. While conducting the outlook synchronizing process under any networking section, it offers some sequential tools. This is valid not only for the local networking section, but also for the WAN section.

The Products Issued

It offers two products. These products are: Standard and Business. The available features and the conditions under these products are:

SimpleSYN Standard: This is a perfect one syncing program for the small companies and the personal users. Generally, the users from this section are looking for synchrony the outlook in an automatic way and secured manner. SimpleSYN Standard can work on various networking conditions like LAN, WLAN and VPN. It can perform the activities in the background section of Windows platform. After making the initial synchronization process, the outlook database will be synchronized. In the security section, it maintains the digital encryption mood like SSL and TLS method.

SimpleSYN Business: This solution is affordable for the large business section. It offers the active filtering function with the custom data exchange activities. All these processes are performed through the automatic way.  The Outlook data synchronization process is performed here through the internet connection. No server based activity is used here to exchange the needed data. It can manage the data transfer process among various computers without applying the complex condition. At the time of synchronizing of the outlook, it applies some defined functions through a filtering issue. Here, the sorting condition is allowed. The sorting process is performed through the condition of file size, recipients and the attachment type.

The Pricing Issue and Coupon

SimpleSYN Standard can be purchased through the price of 39.90 Euro. And it is valid for 2 PCs. Besides, if any user wants to purchase another single license, then you will need to pay only 19.95 Euro excluding the coupon. For SimpleSYN Business, you will have to provide 69.90 Euro and this is also valid for 2 PCs. For an addition license here, you need only 34.95 Euro.

So, get the product with the SimpleSYN coupon in order to avail its features at a discounted price. We hope you liked our offer.