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If you want to complete your SEO Campaign with the help of the SEO tools, then you can take two ways. One is to use different tools for different part of the SEO campaign and the other is to use such software suite, which has the capability to help you each all the parts of the SEO campaigns.

The second ways are the best because you will feel comfortable for working with the same solution for every task and normally the software suites are cost effective. Very much reliable SEO software suite is the Searchmetrics Suite. We have tried to highlight the features of this product in this article.

Searchmetrics Suite

Performance Analysis of Searchmetrics Suite

Among various built in tools of this product, the backlink research tool, it is very powerful and necessary. It will let you detect or find out which backlinks are actually linking to your targeted website. It can be necessary in many cases to use the backlink filter and such program of Searchmetrics Suite is very impressive which will let you filter the backlinks by different terms.

Some backlink research tool can detect the new links for your websites, but cannot detect those which have been dropped. So those tools will not show you the accurate result about the total number of backlinks. But the Searchmetrics Suite can detect both the newly created and lost backlinks very efficiently. With the help of the analysis program on this product, you will be able to categorize the backlinks into different profiles.

Usefulness of the Ranking Tools

For completing the SEO Campaigns perfectly you have to use various types of rank finder tools and the Searchmetrics has all those tools. The domain ranking tool will help you to find the detailed positions of the domains in different search engines.

Another very essential rank finder tool is the keyword ranking tool. You can use this tool to find out which keywords are most successful for your SEO campaign. Keyword potentials can be found with the help of this software suite. It has the capability to deal with the local search engine ranks as well as the universal search engine ranks.

Other Features and Pricing

This software suite has also different other important SEO tools like the Keyword research tool which will let you detect the current position of your site and the competitor sites for each keyword. Various optimization tools like the site optimization tool, keyword optimization tool, etc. are added in this suite.

Two paid editions of this product are available and one of those is the Searchmetrics Suite Starter and the other one is the Searchmetrics Suite Business. The prices of the Starter edition are $449/month (as per October 12, 2014) and the price of the Business edition will be selected according to your request.