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Nowadays extra ordinary types of cell phone software are commonly used all over the world. So many companies in this world are now providing these products for the cell phones. The main reason of this is the sky high popularity of the android phones and iPhones.

But one disadvantage is there and that is the children are misusing the smartphones. They are doing this easily because the smartphones can be used for completing various tasks just like computer and those devices are very much user friendly. So it is very important to monitor the mobile phones of the children and to do that you can use the RioSpy software which is highly popular in this field.


Overview of the RioSpy Cell Phone Spy Software

To track the GPS locations, this software is very helpful. That means with the help of this product, you will be able to get the information about the current location of the targeted mobile phone as well as the location of the owner of that device. One of the most important parts of the mobile phone spying is tracking the call history. The RioSpy offers very useful call tracker tool which will provide you the report on complete call histories of the targeted mobile phones. That means you will be informed about all the incoming and outgoing calls with all the details.

Another important part of the mobile phone spying is checking the SMS histories and in this case the RioSpy will help you perfectly. In this modern communication era children uses internet for various reasons. They can be friendly with inappropriate contents by browsing the internet. You can use the RioSpy to get the browsing histories of the mobile phones of your children to monitor their online activities.

Very Useful Features of This Spy Software

You may know that there are different mobile apps which can be used for sharing, instant messages and some of those apps are the WhatsApp and iMessage. The RioSpy software can be used for monitoring those apps very easily. With the help of this efficient mobile phone monitoring software, you will be able to know about the photos and multimedia files of the targeted mobile phones. With the remote control system, you will be able to monitor the mobile phones without any problem.

Different License Plans for This Product

One of the main attractions of this product is it is available in different friendly packages. You can try this software for two days without any cost. If you like the features of this product after two days, then you can purchase any of the five different license plans of the RioSpy. The tiniest plan of this product has been offered for 12 days only. You can also choose this spy application for 1 month, 2 months, 6 months or 1 year by choosing right packages.