Renee Passnow Password Reset Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Often we set login passwords for Windows PCs for the privacy protection. Suppose you have set such strong password that nobody will be able to assume that. But what if you forget the password that was set by yourself? Generally, in that case, you may have to reinstall the Windows or clean the hard drive. So all the necessary files for which you had set the passwords will be gone. Renee Lab has offered an impressive solution to this problem.

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Renee Passnow – Reliable System Rescue Tool

Renee Lab have offered the Renee Passnow which is very strong and efficient system rescue tool. Providing various facilities, it has the capability to get the computer back to a usable state. Some main features and advantages of this product are:

Local Password Reset

Undoubtedly the main feature of this product is to reset the Windows Password. Both the administrator and normal user passwords can be reset by the Renee Passnow. For doing this task, you need to create bootable media of this software. Suppose you have created a bootable CD / DVD. From there the forgotten password on your computer can be blank. Then you can easily set a new one.

You can also use the USB pen drive as the bootable media. It has the capability to work with Windows 8 and all the older versions of that operating system. The Renee Passnow has very efficient Windows Recovery program. Due to various reasons, there can be a Windows boot failure problem on your computer. Some of the problems are black screen and DBR errors. Those problems will be solved by this software and hence there will be no boot failure problem.

Basic & Pro Versions

The Renee Lab has offered two different versions of this system rescue software. The Basic Version can be enjoyed by $39.9 only. On the other hand, according to 9 November 2015, the price of the Pro version of Renee Passnow is only $49.9. For two main reasons, the cost of the Pro Edition is higher than that of Basic Edition.

This advanced system rescue software can recover the Windows even after a system crash.  Sometimes, you may need to create a backup of the entire hard drive. This software will also do that for you. After creating the backup, Renee Passnow Pro will let you erase that permanently.

Multi-Language Support

This software can be considered as the multi-lingual software which can work with several languages. Some of those languages are Chinese, German, English, Italian, French and Spanish, etc. So no matter where you live and what language you are friendly with, Renee Passnow is for you.

The user interface of this product is very much impressive. The newbies will love to use this software. For copying the hard disk data, this product does not need the Windows platform. That means, without starting the system, you can copy the hard disk by Renee Passnow.