Refog Personal Monitor Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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You have to monitor what your children do with the computer when you are not home. This is not because you do not trust them, it is to restrict them from PC and internet addiction. Some apps can help you for this purpose.


Refog Personal Monitor Review

Refog offers one software too which can be recommended for its solid feature. You can use the Personal Monitor of this company to monitor the computer of your home or office. So you can monitor your kids or employees using this one. Some features of it are:

Windows Edition Features

This software can act as a very strong keylogger to the targeted Windows PC. After being installed, it can record everything inserted from the keyboard. So you can know the password, usernames, chats, messages etc. typed by the user. Refog Personal Monitor is not just a keylogger because it has so many other features. The web history can be recorded by this product very efficiently. The URLs and the time spent on each website can be known perfectly. This feature is very much important for restricting the children from the adult websites. There are various types of IM software like Skype and Facebook etc. Refog Personal Monitor can record the IM histories nicely. Both the incoming and sent messages will be logged by it. Screenshot capturing is another very essential and effective feature of the Windows version of this product. This monitoring software has the invisible mode of operation. So the user of the targeted computer won’t be able to understand that this one is working.

Available Mac Version

It can be seen that many computer monitoring tools are available, but all of those cannot be used in Mac. But in the case of Refog Personal Monitor, things are little different. This product is also available in Mac edition. This edition has all the features that are discussed above. The suitable interface of it will impress you a lot. The user histories of the computer and installed apps can be recorded by this one. It has the capability to monitor only the selected apps. For collecting the internet use history, it can deal with different types of popular browsers. Version 3.2 of this software is compatible with the Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10. You can purchase other versions of it to deal with the older editions of this operating system.

Refog Personal Monitor Price

No matter you choose the Windows or Mac edition of this product, the price is the same. For one computer, its price is $59.95 only as of the time of writing this review. The price of 3 computer license of Refog Personal Monitor is $95.95. For purchasing this software, you can use your credit card or PayPal account or other payment gateways. The trial version of it is also available. But the users of the paid editions will get priority supports. Updating facility is also included with the license for one year.