Ptengine Web Analytics Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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If you are dealing with several websites, you must know the necessity of increasing the visitors. High-class analytics tools are necessary to maximize that number. Though there a various platform to help you to do so, Ptengine is one of the bests. For the affordable prices and powerful features, I can recommend you this service. You don’t have to rely on other products to improve the conversion anymore. Some major features of this popular platform are:


Ptengine – The Web Analytics Platform Overview

One of the best ways to increase the conversion rate is to detect the ways by which visitors are engaged. In doing so, the heatmap facility of the Ptengine will help you perfectly. Suppose you have one website. Visitors may visit that from various devices. That is why the multi-device monitoring facility of this product will be helpful. Data from all types of devices will be successfully tracked by this tool. So this will be effective for making the website responsive.

Click and attention Heatmaps systems have been integrated with this service. These will offer you the thermographic visualization. It will inform you about the options on your websites which have been clicked by more people. Also, the parts of the sites which have gotten more attention from the visitors will also be visualized. Custom and automatic event tracking systems are the other facilities of the Ptengine. So you can get the information about all the events or only of some events.

Other Necessary Features

Some aspects may be common in several pages. No matter what is the percentage of matching, that will be shown by the Ptengine. You can create campaign URLs with the help of this analytics platform. Analyzing the traffic by several terms can be done with this. Real-time analytics facility is one of the bests offered by this platform. It will provide you several conversion techniques. So you will be able to increase the conversion rate very fast. It actually helps to find the place where the visitors are stopping. So you can take necessary steps to solve the issues to maximize the conversion.

Pricing and Plans

One free plan and four paid plans are available for the Ptengine. Using the free one, you will be allowed to deal with 20 thousand page views per month. Only one heatmap is available with this. The Startup and Growth plans are available for $39 and $79 monthly prices. These are respectively for 50 thousand and 125 thousand page views. These include 20 and 50 Heatmaps. According to 4 July 2015, monthly prices of the Premium and Enterprise plans are $159 and $319 respectively. The Premium Package is for 100 Heatmaps. But if your target is an unlimited number of heat maps, you have to choose the Enterprise plan of Ptengine.