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Presentation Assistant Professional Edition

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Presentation Assistant

Overview on Presentation Assistant

Presentation Assistant is a software that helps to demonstrate and explain presentation perfectly. This helps the teachers,  professors, trainer, project manager,meeting hosts, customer manager and students to build up and demonstrate the project perfectly. As its name it works like assistant on the presentation. Its a ready assistant tool for demonstrating a presentation. There are  two several options for presentation demonstration one is the  annotation tool another is certain zoom. Annotation tools allows user to create any kind of line, graph, circles, rectangle any shape on certain purpose.

And Certain zoom tool allows user to zoom on a certain point to explain that point clearly. Furthermore there are several tools as Spotlight, Curtain, Screen digital Clock, Arrow point, Magnification, Screen capture etc. Meetings get effective by using presentation assistant. It also allows user to open the presentation in a quick mode and a background music playing all over the presentation. It allows user to get relaxed on certain point of presentation as there is automatic slideshow tool.

Features of the Program

Basic features of Presentation assistant is that this helps with its tool to user demonstrating presentation more comfortably. This software allows user to mark free on screen with pen, brush, any shape user want. The mark could be transparent or even highlighted with different color and different edge size. Another basic feature is that it allows user to zoom on a certain point using wheel or using the keyboard. User can easily add a countdown clock or a normal clock. Even user can add background Music. This allows user to draw some draft lines over the projection and after one hotkey press all the drawn line just disappeared. You can point almost anything on the presentation and mark one.

There another thing that Presentation Assistant allows displaying keystroke over the display. There is also task shortcut for opening file so fast. Also transits on windows is very fast on monitors. User can easily customize the click effects of Mouse. User can set a circle on clicking on the mouse, put cursor over a button and the color of the button and also  some amazing dynamic  animation can be added on presentation. When you bring the cursor over the animation it gets alive. Zooming in the presentation and also zoom out from the presentation with just some simple keyboard shortcuts is pretty awesome feature of this software. You can zoom anytime when you are demonstrating presentation. User can also Capture the whole window showing even in whole display also a selected window can be captured using this software even that a small area can be selected.

Presentation Assistant Pricing and Discount

This Unique Software Comes in $49.95 for 1 year with 30 days and $89.95 for lifetime and also a portable edition is available for $109.95. And with Presentation Assistant discount, the price will be 15% off. So the benefit of the promo and take a exclusive price off chance.