Playrix Platinum Pack Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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There are so many game developer companies in the world. Some of those companies are really popular. Various types of amazing games have been offered by them. Among those, Playrix is, of course, a big name to the gamers all over the world. This developer has provided so many casual games. Some of those are really popular. If you want to purchase various products from this company, high amount of money should be spent. But there are various packs which are cost effective. Those packs will give you access to several products.

Playrix Platinum Pack Review

Playrix Platinum Pack is one of the best packs that are available here. Both the Windows and Mac edition of this pack has been offered. Here is some discussion about the including products and pricing of these packs:

All Top Selling Games

The Platinum Pack includes all the items of Playrix which can be considered as the top. Let’s discuss some of the top products which have been included in this. Call of the Ages is the product which can be considered as the Strategic Casual Game. In this, the player should visit various countries to collect different types of artifacts. More than 100 number of matches should be played and there are three levels for those. Additional challenge modes are also there to attract the players more.

Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown is another item that has been included in Playrix Platinum Pack. In this, the player should help the original king to win his own lost kingdom. There are several levels and objectives which should be completed. Fishdom 3 has been included in this pack too. It includes several 3D fishes. The player has to feed those and play amazing events with those. Similarly, other popular items are Gardenscapes 2, Farmscapes, and Barn Yarn etc.

Some Other Impressive Games

In our above paragraph, some popular items of this pack have been discussed. It also includes some other products also. Romance of Rome is one of those and it will let you face various adventures during the visit to Roman Empire. Cradle of Rome is another impressive product. The players have to make the Roman Ancient architecture with different styles. Similarly, some other games of Playrix Platinum Pack are Portion Bar, Northern Tale, and 4 Elements etc.

Pricing of This Package

The pricing of the Windows and Mac edition of this pack is different. If you choose the first one, then the necessary price will be $63.95 only. But for the Playrix Platinum Pack Mac, the customers have to pay $67.95 as per this post writing date. Actually, these packages have been offered for 75% discount rate. Suppose you want to get all the items of the Windows Platinum Pack of Playrix separately. In that case more 694.10 USD should be paid. But the in the case of purchasing this pack, this high amount of money will be saved. That is why it is highly recommended.