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One of the most important targets for the software vendors is to protect the coding of their products. This is the main reason why they need the compression solution for the Windows executable programs. There are so many other reasons why this type of product can be necessary.

PECompact Review

There should be no doubt that the PECompact is very much popular Windows executable compression tool. So if you want to be a successful software vendor, this solution can be recommended. From this post, you will be able to know the reasons behind this recommendation.

Necessity of Compression

There are various reasons to use the compression. One of that is the data security which has been mentioned before. But it is not necessary that every developer will love to make their data secured. But everybody needs to minimise the EXE size of their programs. By using the ZIP or RAR, those programs cannot be compressed much. But with the help of the PECompact, you can make those highly compressive.

The main reason why this product can do so is advanced algorithm has been used in this. If the size of the EXE file is more, more time will be required to run that. That should be decompressed first and then that will be ready to run. An advanced compression solution can make the size very small and that will be treated almost as “never been compressed”. So the EXE will run more smoothly with high speed.

Attributes of the PECompact

There are various compressors which have achieved huge popularity. Without this one, the other two most commonly used tools are the ASPack and UPX. Compare to those products, this one is more speedy and effective. Even the compression rate of this product is even more than the ZIP format creation tools. PECompact has some unique attributes which have made this more powerful.

It can skip the shared DLL sections. That is why the efficiency of this product is really high. It can also do its task without counting the shell icons. The debug info will be preserved by this product. The Windows executables that are treated with this solution will be highly protected. Various anti-malware programs have been used for providing such security.

Different Pricing Options

PECompact has come with various types of licenses. First of all the In-House, the Only license can be mentioned. It is for unlimited applications and price of this is $89.95 as per this post writing time. Two Shareware license of this product has been offered. One is for maximum three applications and the other is for unlimited applications.

Costs for those are respectively 99.95USD and 149.95USD. Similarly, the Commercial License of this is of two kinds. For maximum three applications, it can be purchased by 279USD. By paying $499, you can get this for unlimited applications. For making PECompact more effective, various plugins can be integrated with this. For those, you have to pay additional costs.