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It is fact that we love to use different passwords for protecting our privacy and secure the sensible data. But another fact is in many occasions we forget those. Suppose you have forgotten your computer login password. Then what you can do is to go to the IT professionals and spend lots of your money to unlock your device. You don’t have to do so anymore because the Password Resetter is available now.

Password Resetter Review

Password Resetter is an innovative solution for retrieving the Windows Password very safely. Here are the highlights of the features and benefits of this tool.

Very Easy to Use

Considering the powerful features of this product, you may think it is very difficult to handle. But actually, the process of using it will amaze you a lot. You can easily load Password Resetter to the USB drives, DVDs or other memory sticks. After doing this, you just have to load the memory disk to targeted PC. Following these simple steps, you can easily reset the lost password of the targeted computer. But still, you may face little problems while using this thing. But for such cases, the support team of Password Resetter will help you impressively.

Efficient and Flexible

It is very much important to consider the effectiveness of any software. Almost 100% is the efficiency level of the Password Resetter. If you have it then you don’t have to get deep IT knowledge to recover your security code. Another good thing is its impressive working speed. Within just minutes, this tool can find out the lost Windows password. Now you may be thinking that which versions of the Windows OS are supported for this software. Actually, it is compatible with all the versions of Vista, XP, 7 and 8. While retrieving the lost code, it works very safely. Version 2.0 of the Password Resetter is now available with the support of multiple languages. English, German and Spanish version of this one can be used.

Multiple Editions Features

2 different editions of the Password Resetter is available in the market now. Personal and Corporate are those and the prices of those are respectively $34.99 and $84.99 as of 3 April 2015. Each of these has the capability to make bootable USB and to burn CDs automatically. The GUI of these editions is very much attractive and user-friendly. One of the biggest advantages of the Password Resetter is, you don’t have to pay monthly or yearly charges after purchasing.

That means validity of both the licenses is a lifetime. For a single device, you don’t have to pay any recurring charge for Personal Edition. The Corporate Edition is for 5 different computers. Another great advantage of this powerful edition is it is dedicated support team is available to the user of it. For setting a powerful and secure password, you will get the eBook with this product.