Panoweaver Discount, Promo Code on the Pricing

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Coupon Details

Get 10% off on both license as Panoweaver discount. The coupon code is included with the following 2 links:

Panoweaver Standard

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Panoweaver Discount

Panoweaver Reviews

In the time of digital technology with many supportive facilities, we can rely on many effective supports. Under the case of digital based activities, image section is a concerning one part to the users. In the image section, Panorama section is very essential. In the case of panorama based switching activities, Panorama 9 is very helpful. This is a powerful program having the functions of getting various types of panorama images.  While comparing with others, Panoweaver 9 is very supportive and effective to the users as it offers the Gigapixel panorama system and the needed activities in this case.

Thus we would like to draw that the above discount coupon pricing could be availed, no other Panoweaver coupon is needed.

The Allowed Features

Stitching: In the stitching section, you will observe the term of Fisheye photo based stitching. In this category, you can easily manage the term of stitching circular type, drump type with 360 degree motion. After that, the activities of normal photo stitching can be observed. In this case, the functions of stitching multiple rows with the available photos that have been taken by the normal digital cameras. Then, the section of Giga Pixel based Panorama can be observed. Here, the needed tools for the panorama section have been optimized.

Export and publishing: To set the website link with the available menus, it offers some needed functions. After that, you can add the Google map with the user friendly customization method. Then, some other needed functions can also be observed like background music, HTML 5 supporting system, gyroscope effect, hotspot system and so on.

Some enhanced features: For taking the photos for the moving objects, the masking system is a needed one part and it is offered through this program. After that, the task of adding the needed effect can be optimized easily through the support of this.

The Available Versions

Panoweaver 9 Professional edition: This holds the advanced level photo stitching formation with the HTML5 and Flash system. Besides, the publishing method from the smart phone devices and PC, the needed facilities are also offered. After removing the tripod, you can easily link to the website. Moreover, it offers customizable branding system, batch switch, batch publish and the corresponding facilities.

Panoweaver 9 Standard edition: This version holds the needed activities with the custom stitching format. It accelerates the available facilities with the supporting tools. It includes wide angle system, various publishing system and other facilities. Moreover, all these versions can be obtained both for the Mac OS and Windows section.

Pricing Section and Discount

With the discounts not applied, Panoweaver 9 professional edition can be purchased with the price of $299.95 for a single license. After that, if any user wants to purchase the Panoweaver 9 Standard edition, then s/he will have to pay $99.95 for a single license. So have Panoweaver discount on the purchase and get coupon price.