OIO Publisher Coupon Code 2016, Plugin Promo Code

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Coupon Details

Get OIO Publisher WordPress plugin with 20%+ off promo code. This is a cool Ad Management plugin that normally costs $47 only. With the above $10 (21%) OIO Publisher coupon code, the price comes more reasonable. Just get the above code, copy it and then apply during checkout.

Get OIO Publisher with coupon code

OIO Publisher Ad Management Plugin

Publishing and selling the advertisements can be very good sources of earning profit from your WordPress sites. But critical tasks should be done for posting the ads to various websites and managing all the things about those ads. To help you about this there are so many options available to the world market. The OIO publisher can be chosen by you for the efficiency and quickness of it. You can compare the impressive features of this tool with other similar tools to be sure about its uniqueness.

Features of This Popular Plugin

Hope you have checked above coupon code for OIO publisher plugin. This tool is there for long in the market, and with the discount the price comes cheaper. The number of features of this plugin is also very rich. But the most considerable features can be discussed. One of the most important features of this tool is it can be totally automated. That means once you have to set up this plugin and then all the operations will be done automatically by OIO publisher. Its versatility can also be considered and there should not be any doubt that it can perfectly deal with types of ads.

If you use the OIO publisher then you don’t have to select the space for publishing the ads because this efficient tool can find out the suitable space for posting the ads to your websites. It will also help you select the size of the ads. Different kind of image files like mpg, mpeg, GIF, etc. can be used as to the advertisements. You can also post only the text links as the ads. In the case of paid ads, OIO publisher will be very helpful because this tool can be integrated with all the commonly used and known payment gateways. You can sell the ads also by using the built in programs of this plugin. Whenever any ads will be sold, this fast tool will refresh the advertisement list of your advertise marketing websites.

Purchase OIO Publisher plugin

This tool is SEO friendly, because if you post more ads to your websites, your website will get more visitors as well as more backlinks. That means it will enrich your website contents. Moreover with the OIO Publisher promo code, the tool can be purchased at $10 less price. Just get the coupon price from the beginning of the post.

Facilities under the WordPress Tool

To establish the look of the ads: To make some basic changes like size and number can be commanded from the admin area of this plugin. This system can be formed by following these:

Styling the format with CSS: You can easily control the position for any ad from the CSS file. Here, you will get the opportunity of creating banner ads, inline ads. For any specific position there is a specific id in the control panel of OIO Publisher. Besides, you can also make the changes in the PHP file. In OIO Publisher you will get the opportunity of changing the core PHP code for the specific result.

Connect with the buyers: From the control panel of OIO Publisher, you can customize the number of the ads for any specific position on a page. From those portions, buyers will apply for the advertisements with the conditions. You can manage this procedure from the administration panel of this plugin.

Other Benefits and Coupon

The users of OIO Publishers can be able to submit the websites to the corresponding marketplace for occupying the advertised facilities. After submitting the website, you will get an API key which proves the confirmation of the user’s listing.

So if you are looking for this nice WordPress Ad Management plugin, get OIO Publisher coupon codes in 2016 while making the purchase. Just apply the promotion code in the cart and get price reduction.