Norton 360 Coupon Code 2014, $40 Promo Code Price

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Coupon Details

Purchase Norton 360 with $40 off promo code price clicking above link. Get it for as low as $49/year instead of $89/year which could be used for up to 3 PCs. No additional Norton 360 coupon code required, the above link will redirect to the discount page automatically.

Also there is Norton Internet Security available in 2014, but unfortunately it doesn’t offer any such price.

Norton 360 Security Products


Overview of the Products of Norton

If you want to make your computer or other devices protected from the viruses, malwares and several types of other threats, then you must use one or more protection tool for those devices. Nowadays the operating systems are created very beautifully and they are more protected than the past days. But still it can be said that any operating system is completely protected. So it is very urgent to choose perfect and strongest protection software for the computers and other devices. All the companies, which provide protection tools as their products, are not popular. Some of those are highly popular among the computer users worldwide. Norton can be considered one of the most popular companies in this field. All the products of this company are really very high in quality and efficiency.

So we could expect that you have checked above Norton 360 promo code price before reading the following. The coupon doesn’t apply for Internet Security, but you can actually get most advanced tool with cheaper price which is Norton 360 Security.

SONAR Behavior Protection

It is the fact that all the popular security companies use some unique technology to create the protection engines of their products more efficient and fast. It also has such technology and that is the SONAR behavior protection program. You may know that many new viruses and other threats have been created every day and that is a protection tool must have the capability to work against the latest threats. Norton uses the SONAR behavior protection technology to ensure the capability of the products to monitor the behavior of the unknown files and to find out the threats among such files. Using of this technology is one of the reasons why you can choose their products instead of the others. Here we have discussed about the reasons why you can choose the products of Norton.

Features of Norton Antivirus

If you compare the features of this antivirus tool with all other antivirus of other companies then you will be able to understand the superiority of this product of Norton. It has so many built in programs which will keep your PC protected from all possible threats. The Insight program of this product has the function to find out the safe files as well as the harmful files from the computer hard drive. Norton Community Watch is integrated with this product and the main function of this program is to act as a virtual threat identifying and monitoring program. Norton Antivirus will always be aware of the threats which will be downloaded with the other downloaded files.

Internet Security and Advantages

Though there is no coupon code or promo code available for Norton Internet Security, but it could be a ideal one. Specially if you need to use the internet from your computer regularly, then you better choose NIS tool instead of the Antivirus. There are some reasons for this decision. This product of the Norton brand has the built in anti-spam program which is very much needed for protecting the email inbox from the spams. This program is so much efficient that you don’t have to rely on other tools for blocking and eliminating the spams. This product will not only inform you about the users who use your network connection, but also restrict others to get inside of your network.

Get Norton Internet Security with coupon codes

One of the finest advantages of this software is it a parental control program which is very much needed for the responsible parents. With the help of this parental control you will be able to restrict your children from visiting the online adult contents and websites which are not appropriate for them. Just like the Antivirus of the same brand the Internet Security can also protect the computers from the viruses and threats. The web threats will also be blocked by this exclusive protection tool. The latest threats, which can be overlooked by the normal quality protection tools, can be detected perfectly by the Norton Internet security. If you have this software then you can visit any link you want without any tension because this software can identify and stop those links which are not safe for visiting. As quoted, discount coupon is not available for NIS, so the finest decision would be made if Norton 360 is chosen over NIS which cost only $49.

Why to Choose Norton 360

There should be no doubt that the Norton 360 is one of the strongest products ever created by the Norton security company. This is not just a protection tool because Norton has included so many other important programs for this product. This product can perform like the Internet Security product of the same brand. That means it has the strong virus detector and remover programs. It can detect the completely new threats by monitoring their behavior. The email spams will be stopped by the anti-spam program of Norton 360. Web threats and dangerous links will also be blocked by it and it can secure your home network perfectly. Its built in parental control program is very much impressive and that is why you will be able to keep your children away from the adult websites as well as adult contents. If you use this software then you don’t have to memorize all the passwords and usernames of your online accounts because it can memorize those very safely.

It can scan to social media accounts to find out and block the dangerous links shared by your friends. One of the great advantages of this product is it’s built in PC Booster program. It can solve the fragmentation problems very efficiently to make your PC easier. Other PC problems can also be detected and solved by this built in the program. You may notice that your computer needs more time to be started up and there can be so many reasons for this problem. Norton 360 will maximize the free memory space to your PC to minimize time for the start up process. It will do all the operation for making the free space of the hard drive of your PC maximum. That means if you use this software then it will make that protected and faster.

The automatic backup process is another benefit of this product. If you use this then it will create the backups of the essential files from your computer and store those files to the backup storage of 2 GB. There is also coupon code for Norton 360 available which is mentioned above. So just get it while making the purchase. This will make a exclusive $40 discount on the purchase price.

Versatility Norton 360 Multi-Device

By considering the huge popularity of the Norton 360, the Norton 360 Multi-Device product has been created. This product is suitable for you if you have different types of devices like the Windows PCs, iPhones, Macs and Android Smartphones. It can work against the deepest threats to make the devices perfectly protected. It is browser friendly and that is why it can stop all the web threats, no matter which browser you use. It has the anti-spam and anti-scam programs for which it can block all the email infections.

This product of the Norton brand has the capability to install all the updates automatically to stay updated all the time. The parental control of this product is same efficiency as the other products of the same brand. Like the Norton 360, this product also has the programs which can make your computer speedier. After purchasing this product from Norton, you will be allowed to use 25 GB online backup storage.  When you will use this product to the smartphones of iOS and Android then it will help you to back up the contacts and messages perfectly and to locate the lost devices. Currently there is no Norton 360 Multi Device coupon code available, but if you have previously used the tool and are renewing the same, then you could get a promo price.

Get Norton Products with Promotion

More Products from Symantec

We have discussed about the main products of the Brand but it also offers some other products which are not less important. One of those products is the Norton One. It is another multi-device product of the Norton brand. It offers highly efficient protection programs with the backup capability. If you are looking for the product for your business, then you can choose the Norton Zone. This product has three different versions. Those versions are the Personal, Small to Medium Organizations and the Larger Organizations. You just have to choose the right one by considering your necessity.

It also offers protection tool for the smartphones and that product is the Norton Mobile Security which can be used for the protection and privacy of those devices. It can also backup all the SMSs and contact list of the targeted phones. If your phone is theft, then you will be able to locate that with the help of Norton Mobile Security. For any product, you will get high class support from the customer care team of Norton.

System Requirements

Norton offers the products for Windows computers and those products can be used in the computers where any version of the Windows operating system is used. Most attractive features are those products are compatible with the latest edition of Windows named Windows 8. The products can work with the 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems with the same effectiveness. The multi-device products of Norton can also deal with the classic and latest versions of the Macs, iOS and the Android OS.

Norton 360 Pricing and Coupon Code

Norton Security Company always thinks about the friendliest packages so that all types of users can find and purchase the packages they are looking for. You will be able to get the products for single device and for a single year. On the other hand, you can also buy the product for multiple number of devices and years.

As mentioned earlier, Norton 360 will cost only $49 for 1 year after the reduction. It combines both the protection of Antivirus and Internet Security. So just get price reduction with Norton 360 coupon codes here in 2014- 2015. The promo coupon applies  for 1 year license (Unfortunately this is not available for 2 years license) and can be used for up to 3 PCs. So just get it with reduction.