.NET Reactor Coupon, Exclusive Promo & Review 2016

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Coupon Details

Sorry to say that the following offer is no longer active. We apologize for this, as we do not have the relationship with .NET Reactor. Thank you.

Get the following .NET Reactor discount. Since there is coupon code not available, we will provide this as cash rebate which is as follows:

.NET Reactor Single Developer License Purchase and claim for rebate through PayPal

.NET Reactor Company License Purchase and claim for rebate through PayPal

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Eziriz .NET Reactor Reviews

There should not be any doubt that the .NET Framework is the most commonly used frameworks for creating software. This is the software framework which has been developed by Microsoft. Now, after you write programs for software using this framework, those programs should be protected. Proper licensing system should also be used for that. You can do these complicated things with the help of .NET Reactor. This strong software licensing and protection system is available with so many important features. Some of these have been described in this review.

Also there is .NET Reactor coupon. This promo is available for both editions, so please have it when purchase.

Intellectual Property Protection

Creating the software is not the only important thing, you have to protect your codes. Intellectual protection has been offered by the .NET Reactor. This protection system is actually the combination of various efficient technologies. Normal and control flow obfuscation technologies are supported by this advanced tool. Very impressive NecroBit protection has made the .NET Reactor more powerful. The entire applications will be protected by this software. Similarly, it can also protect the libraries. It has the capability to compress the resource very nicely. Also the resources will be encrypted by this. There are some tools which only can deal with the 32bit assemblies. But this one supports both the 32bit and 64bit.

.NET Reactor Coupon

Developer & Company Plans

From the above paragraph, it can be seen that how good e .NET Reactor is as a code protection. So normally the pricing of this kind of product can be high. But in case of this product, the pricing is not beyond imagination. Single Developer License of it can be purchased by $179. You can also purchase the Company license for your team. As of 9 November 2015, price of that advanced plan is only $279 without the coupon code. After purchasing the Eziriz .NET Reactor, update support will be provided for 1 year. You can choose any of these plans according to your necessity.

Licensing Facilities and Coupon

When we are illustrating the benefit of discount coupon, impressive thing is that, you can also provide the product as a service. So the user will be charged according to the number of uses. All the popular software companies provide trial versions of their tools. You can also provide the trial version for your software. Now the fact is, you will not provide that for lifetime. That must be purchased by the users and that is the main target. That is why, the .NET Reactor from Eziriz site will let you set the expiration date for that evaluation copy of your main product. You can either restrict the users to use that more than a specific date or number of uses. You can also block some advanced features of the product when that will be used as a trial.

Thus having the cool sharing of .NET Reactor coupon will provide the tool at reduced price. So purchase Eziriz .NET Reactor with the promo pricing.