NameCheap VPS Server Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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There should not be any doubt that the Namecheap is one of those companies which are completely reliable. Each of the products of this company is full of all necessary features. They offer attractive and effective virtual private servers (VPS). The personal and business users can purchase this product because various plans are available for it. Some of the main advantages and plans of this product of Namecheap have been discussed in this post.

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Namecheap VPS – Very Powerful Servers

Sometimes the hosting providers do not offer full-featured virtual private servers. Those will not fulfill all your necessities. But if you buy such service from the Namecheap you can be sure that you have chosen a full featured one. The VPS of this company is not just first, those are actually faster than most of the dedicated servers. For controlling and managing the allotted servers, you don’t have to face any major problem. You just have to choose which type of management system is suitable. After choosing any of the available plans, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime you need.

VPS Packages Comparison

Namecheap provides four different packages for this service. One is the Lite – Xen plan which is available for $19.95 monthly price. With this one, you will get 512MB normal and same amount of burst RAM. It also provides 15GB space with 100GB bandwidth. Similarly, 1GB RAM and 1GB Burst RAM with 30GB space and 250GB bandwidth are available with VPS 1 – Xen package. For this one, you have to pay $29.95/month. These two plans are can be chosen if you think 1 CPU core is enough.

If you need 2 of that then you have to purchase any of the VPS 1 – Xen or 2 – Xen. When this review was written, the prices of these two packs were $49.95 and $69.95 respectively. With the first one, you will get 2GB normal and burst memory, 60GB storage, and 500GB bandwidth. And the second one is available with 3GB burst and normal RAM with the 100GB hard disk. 750GB large bandwidth has made this very powerful.

Various Server Management

Namecheap offers three types of a management system for the VPS. If you choose the Self-Managed system, you don’t have to pay any extra charge. With this one, you can use the operating system of your choice. And for the OS and cPanel installation, no additional charge will be applied. You can also the Managed and Fully Managed servers from Namecheap. In both of these, CentOS is installed and tuned. These also support strong monitoring system and Core LAMP Stack features. For the Managed System, you have to pay $30 and for the other one, the price will be $75 only. Fully Managed servers have some advantages. 20GB offline backup is one of the best features of it. But the most important feature is these servers support the installation of WordPress, Magneto and other apps.