Morae Discount, Avail Fancy Coupon and Pricing

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Coupon Details

Get an excellent 5% Morae discount upon purchasing the product from our site. This coupon is going to be served as cash rebate to you. To get a clear concept, please refer to the following image:

Morae Discount

No other promo code for this Techsmith tool is needed.

Features and Review of Techsmith Morae

TechSmith is undoubtedly one of those software companies which provide some powerful products. This company has established its popularity by offering some unique tools for affordable prices. One of the more unique creations of this brand is Morae which is the usability testing solution. This tool will be very effective if you want to manage and monitor your working group. It has plenty of features so that it can be considered as combination of so many small tools. So after purchasing this one, there will be no need to get some other tools. If the review interests you, then make a purchase of the product from our site with the coupon and discount to get it at a cheaper price. There is no necessity of applying any additional discount code. Some attractive things of this usability testing software are:

Effectively Analyzing Capability

One of the most important built in tools of this solution is the Morae Manager. All the recordings done by this product can be viewed and analyzed by this amazing recorder. After collecting all the data, it can export those to different files. You can use those for creating necessary graphs and PowerPoint presentations. The trends of the data can be analyzed very quickly with this Techsmith Morae tool. It will also let you import the videos that are recorded before. You can use your own voice or texts for the presentations or videos. Built in video recording tool has made this product very effective.

Amazing Pricing Plans and Discount

Before purchasing TechSmith Morae, you have to consider in which field it will be used. Suppose you need to get this for personal or official tasks. Then the Personal and Professional Edition of this software should be purchased. The price of this edition is USD 1,995 according 7 December 2015. TechSmith has provided the Government and Education Licenses of this software for reduced costs. For the Government Edition, you have to pay only 1,695 USD. This is the price without including the discount. On the other hand, Morae Education is available for the cost USD 1,495 only. It is very important to know the system requirements for this software. Actually, it does not need much. Only 2 GB RAM is enough for running this. Your device must have an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or higher edition of that. This product is compatible with all versions from XP to 8 of Windows operating systems.

Built in Recorder

You may have known about the screen recorder or activity recorder tools. This type of tools can record the user activities on their device screens. So you will be able to know the interaction of them with your apps. Morae Recorder has this built in program. It also has some advanced features. For example, it can track the mouse and keyboard activities of the users. You can use Morae Observer for the essential moments of the research. It will let your team members communicate with the customers with ease. The members will also be allowed to observe the user activities and make necessary notes.

So, get the product at a cut price by purchasing it with the Morae discount coupon from our site. We hope you have a great time enjoying the coupon.