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You may know that there are so many tools and software which can be used for spying on the different types of devices like the computers and the mobile phones. These types of tools can be very useful for the responsible parents and business owners for monitoring the activities of their children or office stuffs.


Highlights of the Products of Mobistealth

Mobistealth is very famous brand of the spy tools and this company offers the products for the computers and all types of mobile phones. Some products of this company are:

Android Spy Software

Nowadays the Android phones have become very much popular all over the world. People of any age, especially the teenagers, love to use the Android phones. Because of the friendliness and flexibility of Android operating system. If your son or daughter use Android phones then you can use the Android Spy Software of Mobistealth to monitor the activities of him or her. It has very advanced position monitoring program which will help you to know the exact position of your child anytime.

That program is even stronger the GPS. Each and every incoming as well as outgoing call details will be recorded by this Android Spy Software. You can also get the details about the browser histories of targeted Android device with the help of this product of Mobistealth. This software will let you know about the multimedia files which are saved in the targeted Android phone.

IPhone Spy Software

IPhones are also very popular all over the world. Mobistealth iPhone Spy Software can use in the iPhones for recording the activities done with those devices. One of the best advantages of this software is it can help you to make the spy call to the targeted phone. By making a spy call, you will be able to hear the sounds of the surroundings where the phone is. Just like the Android Spy Software of the same brand, iPhone Spy Software also has the capability to keep the record of the call, message, emails and browser histories.

Computer Monitoring Software

Mobistealth provides this very powerful software which can use for spying on any computer. It is available in Windows and Mac edition. The keystroke logger is one of the best features of this software and this software can keep the record of all the keystroke given from the targeted computer. Screenshots will be taken by the Computer Monitoring Software of the Mobistealth when anyone changes the screen of the computer.

All the chatting and emailing histories will be recorded by this strong monitoring tool. Surround recording capability of this software is also very impressive. Even this software can record the Skype calls. The real time location tracking program of Computer Monitoring Software has made it more advanced.