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Coupon Details

Get 10% promo on all Windows PC and 10% on all accessories. This is provided under Microsoft Store student discount program. Just click above link and make purchase of your required PC or accessories.

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Here we have discussed about the latest 2 most influential OS from Microsoft that is: Windows 7 and Windows 8. It can be said with no doubt that Microsoft is the most popular software corporation of the world. This famous corporation has provided and is still working for providing so many useful applications and operating system. Windows is the operating system provided by Microsoft and there are some versions are available on this product. Each of the versions of this is more efficient, fast and unique than the previous version. Windows 8 is the new version of this operating system.

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Benefits of This Product

Unlike the other versions, Windows 8 needs very little time to be installed and there is no difficulty to the installation process. No matter the processors on your computer is 64 bit or 32 bit, Windows 8 is suitable to both of those types. So all the latest quality applications or software can be run perfectly to the computers where Windows 8 is installed. You can get the full features of the Latest Office Suite if you have this product installed on your PC. Its Start Menu is very effective and helpful to go to any folder or application so quickly.

Not only you can install the latest application to your PC, but also you can use the built in application of Windows 8. There is Reader application is included with this operating system and that application will help you to open and read any kind of document files. Security program is also available with this product of Microsoft. It is helpful for storing the files and data to the online storages and restoring those later. You can log in to the Microsoft Account for getting more advantages from Microsoft. Microsoft will also allow you to get the help from the Action Center. Most important things about this version of Windows is you can also enjoy the desktop of the Windows 7 version if you need.

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Windows 7 Operating System

It is a very essential thing about an operating system is how quick and friendly that is for the users. Though there are various operating systems, you may find but the Windows operating systems have so many features which have made these operating systems very unique. Microsoft has provided various versions of this famous operating system. Among all those Windows 7 is the most commonly used operating systems over the world.

Installation process of Windows 7 is very easy and it needs not a long time to be installed. Before starting the installation process you can choose that which kind of programs you want to install because this operating system is available in both as 32 and 64 bit version. Windows 7 is very friendly with almost all the applications which are created for the Windows XP.

Features of the Product

Microsoft has included some new feature and tools in this product. If you install this to your computer, then it will help you to open and run any video in better quality. You can use Windows Media Player, which is the default media player of this operating system, to open any kind of media files. To personalize your desktop, you can use the aero facility of this exclusive operating system. It will help you to change your desktop icons, wallpapers and resolution. Windows 7 is very much friendly with the video games also.

Several editions of this version of Windows 7 are available and you can choose among any of the editions among Ultimate, Professional, Starter, etc. during the installation period. You can easily restore any file which is deleted from your computer by using the backup and restore tools of Windows 7. This operating system provides On Screen Keyboard which can be used with the help of the mouse and you can use this if you do not want to use your computer keyboard. You will get the magnifier and search bar which are very useful. This product of Microsoft will allow you to use the Windows Action Centre from where you can get help for the problem that you faced while running your PC.

Discount Coupon Program for Microsoft Store

Microsoft is one of the best leaders in the arena. It has several product lines and most of them are featured in the market. Its Windows OS and Office utilities are the best in its class and now they are also manufacturing some high end devices like Windows Tab and others. So make sure to have Microsoft Store student promo code price on purchase. Get selected windows PC as well as accessories. No additional discount code is required.