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You must know about those software companies which offer several types of anti-threat products. The computer threats can be various types. From the normal viruses to the Trojan Horses and strong spyware, all are necessary to be stopped. Among that malware are also very annoying and dangerous.

Malwarebytes Review

Malwarebytes is such brand which has offered different tools which will work against these dangers. Very strong premium protection software and some free tools are in the product list of this company. From that list, I have discussed some of the main items in this post.

Affordable Anti – Malware

This is one undoubtedly one of the best products of the Malwarebytes. Both the Home and Business edition of this solution has been available, though the Home edition has been discussed here. You can get the license of this tool by only $24.95 and that can be used on three different computers. It indicates this is very much affordable. Now let’s look at the features of it.

This software has the hyper scanning technology for which it is more efficient than many others. It can complete all the tasks against all sorts of malware in real time. Not only the malware but also all types of phishing attempt will be stopped by this tool. The multiple scanning modes will give you amazing flexibility. It will not interrupt and run perfectly in parallel with other security tools in your PC.

The Anti – Exploit Premium

Another amazing tool of the Malwarebytes is the Anti – Exploit which is very much efficient. It has the capability to work against zero-day exploits. That means it is very much helpful for the vulnerabilities of the other programs and browsers. You may know that the browsers have several components which can make those more flexible.

The Anti – Exploit can perfectly protect those components too. If you have this one, you can use the MS Office and media suites without tension. It will handle the vulnerability issues of those apps finely. For the proactive technology, it is faster and more effective. Like the previously discussed product, this one of Malwarebytes is also available for $24.95 as per this post writing time.

Anti – Malware Mobile Edition

Malwarebytes also offer security solution for the android users. If you have such mobile device, you can get the Anti-Malware Mobile of this company from the Google Play Store. This tool has amazing versatility. It will give you the information about running and installed applications.

Security vulnerability issues will be detected by this software of Malwarebytes perfectly. The malware can be present in the app files. This tool will find out those by scanning the internal and external memory. Scheduled scanning is another key advantage of it. Contacts, messages and other private data and settings will be secured by it nicely.