Malwarebytes Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

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Comparatively, there are few companies, which provide all their products for working against malware. Malwarebytes is one of those few companies. You will be impressed with the performance of the tools that are offered by them.

Malwarebytes Review

Some free tools are available and premium versions of those are also provided. Before choosing any of the paid software, you can use the respective free one. Prices of the premium tools are really affordable for all. In this review, the products of this company have been highlighted.

Anti – Malware for Business

On-demand business, security tools are offered by the Malwarebytes Company. Among those, the Anti – Malware for Business is one of those amazing tools. You can get this for as many computers as you need. For each of the device, you have to pay 30$ according to this post writing time. This powerful protection tool has the capability of protecting the devices with its proactive security engine.

Three different scanning options will be available for you. The business computers may be inside the endpoint security network. This software will work finely in that environment. A normal anti-malware may miss the zero-day malware. But this product of Malwarebytes will not miss those at all. For the system performance, the Anti-Malware Business edition is very much effective. Though it has most powerful scanning and threat removal engine, it will not hamper the system performance.

Anti – Exploit for Business

This one is amazing business security software of the Malwarebytes brand. The price of this one is also the same as the previous one. So you can consider this Anti-Exploit solution an affordable one. No matter what browser you and the other users will use, this software will protect those nicely.It is very important to secure the other contents of any browser.

For example, the Java or Flash player can be corrupted anytime. This software of the Malwarebytes will protect each of those contents very efficiently. The applications which are vulnerable can be shielded by this software. Various exploit kits are there which can damage the programs. The Anti-Exploit will block those instantly.

Security Tools for Home PC

Now I am mentioning some major security tools of the Malwarebytes which can be used in Home devices. The products discussed above also have the Home versions which can be used in the Windows Computers. For each of those, you will get premium and free editions. Another product which can amaze you is the Anti –Malware for Mobile. It is actually an Android care solution. From your device, this product will remove the malware and other threats. The unwanted running programs will be shown by this also. With the help of the mobile version of this software, you can also protect your privacy perfectly.