Livedrive Discount, Coupon Code Cloud Storage Backup

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Coupon Details

$20 rebate on Livedrive Cloud Storage & Online Backup plans. As there is no Livedrive discount or coupon available, we’ll provide $20 cash rebate to PayPal for purchasing any plan: Backup, Briefcase, Pro Suite and Business. Details are mentioned in the following infographic:

Livedrive Cloud Storage Rebate

Livedrive Cloud Storages and Discount

Most of the companies, which provide the cloud storages, offered various plans of their cloud storages for the home users and the business users. Only a few companies are there to provide the cloud storages for the resellers also. The Livedrive is one of those companies and various plans are offered for various types of storages of Livedrive. That means, no matter you are looking for the cloud storage of what purposes, you will be able to buy that from the Livedrive. The cloud storages of this company are mentioned below. Also have above offer as there is no Livedrive coupon code available. The discount could be availed by following the above mentioned procedure.

Plans for Home

For the home users, Livedrive offers three different plans for their cloud storages. The Livedrive Backup is a very attractive plan which offers the unlimited file backup facilities. You can use this plan for creating and storing the backups of the files saved in the Windows computers and Macs. This backup solution is very much easy to use and the persons who have no experience of this type of facility will be able to use Livedrive without any problem. The customers of this plan will be able to log into their accounts to access their allotted cloud storage from anywhere and from any device. 24 hour security will be provided to the backups by this company. Livedrive Briefcase is another important solution and the users of this plan will be able to use 2TB storage for storing the data. For the synchronization of the backups, the Briefcase plan is very useful. This plan includes the free mobile app with which you can access and watch the backups from your mobile phone. It is very helpful for sharing various types of files without any problem.

Get Discount for Livedrive

The Pro Suite plan is suitable for backing up the files from five different computers. It also includes the unlimited backing system. This powerful backup and cloud solution offers 5TB cloud storage for synchronizing various computers. The customers of the Pro Suite plan will get the priority service from the Livedrive team.

Livedrive for Business Resellers

There is no Livedrive Business discount coupon or promo available, so the rebate could be the best solutions available. So we have tried to provide the same. Here business holders can purchase the Business plan of the Livedrive for ensuring better cloud solutions to all the employees of their organizations. The Livedrive Business will let you create, store and synchronize the backups very easily. It will also help you share all the files to the employees and they will be able to access those with their own accounts. They will also get their own space in the secured cloud. One of the best offers of the Livedrive is the Reseller plan which is for those who wants to sell the products or facilities of this company. When you will sell the cloud storage of this company to others, then you can use your own logo. You will get the power to communicate with the customers and the Livedrive will not interrupt in your business policy.

So have the Livedrive discount in the form of cash rebate. As mentioned, this applies for any plan instead of coupon code, so have the same accordingly.