Linode Review : Get an Amazing Pricing for Various Type of Servers

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Various types of servers are the main attractions of the Linode Company. The servers offered by this company are very high in quality and performances. So you can choose the servers of this company for all types of websites for your personal purposes and for business reasons. With all the packs of the servers of the Linode Company, there are some common features. But the storage, bandwidths and other specifications of the packs are different. Here we have highlighted all those features and specifications.


Features of Different Servers Offered By Linode

The Linode Company offers various features with all the packages. For example, the SSD type storage will be provided to you, no matter which plan you will accept. This type of storage shows very high performances all the times. So many companies offer different types of servers but all of those not include high quality processors.In the case of the servers of the Linode Company, all the servers include world’s fastest processors so that your websites will be loaded very quickly and different types of contents can be easily and quickly loaded to those websites.

Common Features with All the Packages

You may know that the control panel is one of the main things for controlling everything about the hosting servers as well as the websites. For these considerations, the Linode Company provides very easy to handle but powerful control panel with all the servers. The number of the datacenters is another considerable thing for all the servers. The more datacenters are used the more the servers will be fast and of high performance. The Linode Company has only 6 different datacenters which are in 3 different regions. But each of the datacenters is very powerful and efficient.

Various Plans Offered by This Company

Linode Company offers four different plans and those are the Linode 1GB, Linode 2 GB, Linode 4 GB and Linode 8 GB where the 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB represent the size of the RAMs included with the respective packages. With the Linode 1 GB pack you will get CPU of single core, SSD storage of 24 GB and most importantly 2 TB bandwidths. This pack is suitable for the personal websites or all types of normal websites. Linode 2 GB plan offers more powerful features than those of the 1GB plan. If you choose the Linode 2GB plan then you will able to use the CPU of multi core. This plan will also allow you to use 48 GB SSD storage with 3 TB monthly data usage.

For the small or medium business websites, you can choose the Linode 4 GB plan which include 96 GB storage with 4 TB bandwidths. The server offered with the Linode 4 GB plan will be faster because it includes the CPU of 4 cores. Most powerful plan is the Linode 8 GB plan. After purchasing this plan, which includes 8 cores CPU, you will get 192 GB large storage and very attractive 8 TB bandwidths.