LifeLock Security Product Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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Identity thieves are here and there to be fact. They always try to get your various types of personal, bank and social identities to execute various crimes. Though there are so many things to stay safe from their activities, you can rely on the LifeLock because this company provides various types of strong classed products for ensuring the top level identity protection. Let’s take a look at the products of LifeLock.


Stay Away from the Identity Thieves Using LifeLock

Among three different products of the LifeLock the LifeLock Standard is the lightest. For protecting the personal information, you can choose this product. The alert system of this security product is very impressive and the other features of it are not less impressive at all. The retail cards, credit cards, payday loans can be protected by the LifeLock Standard. It will use the network to detect any type of suspicious behavior.

No matter when it will find any suspicious attempt, it will inform you through phone call or emails. Normally we keep the credit cards, loan cards, insurance cards and some other very essential things in our wallets. If anyone loses his wallet, he can lose many things. That is why the LiceLock Standard provides very strong security to the wallets.

Whenever you lost that thing, you can take help from the LifeLock to get that back. If any of your account info or address info has been changed, you will be notified immediately. If you want to use the LifeLock Standard, you have to pay $9.99 per month or $109.89 per year (according to 19 October 2014).

Advantages of the Advantage Plan

LifeLock Advantage Plan is another very effective plan offered by this product. Nowadays the technology has reached to such stage that we can do so many things from our bedroom. We can use the bank accounts for online shopping and paying various types of bills. LifeLock Advantage will provide strong protection to the bank accounts and credit card info when you will use those for any type of online purposes.

The court record scanning facility of this product will help you to know about the criminal activity of the targeted persons. Annual credit card report will be provided to you by this product of LifeLock. To enjoy the features of this product, you need to pay monthly $19.99 or yearly $219.89 only.

Very Strong Ultimate Plus Plan

The strongest identity theft protection of this company is the LifeLock Ultimate Plus which can be purchased by paying $29.99 monthly or $219.89 yearly. It offers all the features of the LifeLock Advantage and also offers some more. The security can provide very strong protection to the social security numbers. It can send you alert about the sex offenders when they will come into your area of living. Credit score tracker tool of this product is very impressive. The customers of this product of LifeLock will get priority support all the times.