LifeLock Ultimate Plus & Standard: Promo Code in 2016

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Coupon Details

Get 10% discount on LifeLock Ultimate edition. Click and copy above code first. Then select the edition from the pricing menu and apply this LifeLock Ultimate promo code in the specific field which will activate the 10% off on price.

LifeLock Ultimate Promo Code

LifeLock Products and Review

High class protection for your identity and personal information is very much important because the criminals can use your info to use your credit card, different licenses and other online accounts. For providing highest security of your personal identity LifeLock provides different services. The services are mentioned here. Also get the LifeLock Ultimate Plus discount as mentioned. This special promo code will avail the same at a reduced price.


This will let you know which application is trying to collect your personal information. You will get instant messages to your phone or mails to your email account for every attempt of the identity thieves to get your identity. There can be various important identity cards and licenses to your stolen wallet. Those important contents can be useful to the criminals for getting all the money from your bank account or executing major crimes. So you can deactivate those identity cards with the help of LifeLock. This service will also inform you if there is any attempt made for changing the information about your personal identity like bank account or credit card number, account details of your email, etc. Another important feature of this service is if your identity is found with any website of the criminals then you will be notified.

LifeLock Identify Theft Protection

Junior Program: In addition to LifeLock Ultimate Plus, you can use this Junior Program to protect all the information of your children. It is seen that the criminals targets the information of your children and they use this information for different purposes. That is why LifeLock Junior is provided which will send you notification for every attempt of stealing the child’s information. Children may give confidential information for creating online accounts and sharing different files. This is one of the ways of collecting the information by the thieves. LifeLock Junior will protect that information strongly.

Ultimate Edition

There is LifeLock Ultimate promotional code available. Get the above coupon price when purchasing the same.

This is the strongest protection service provided by It will be looking for your identity and information on all the application of new bank account opening. So, if you use this service then nobody will be able to open accounts by using your information. It will also inform about the transactions done with your current bank accounts. You will be able to check the accuracy of you annual report of credits if you use this.

Identity thieves can steal the personal information which is really unwanted for anyone. Because if you lose your data, then you will have to face many critical problems. To solve this problem, there is a software named as Lifelock identity theft. It can protect your data by giving you a signal.

** To be mentioned, the LifeLock Ultimate is now LifeLock Ultimate Plus.

Features of the Program

When mentioning about the discount and promo codes, there are many excellent features of Lifelock identity theft. That’s why it has become a reliable system to the users. This doesn’t necessarily belongs to LifeLock Ultimate Plus. These features are just mentioned generally:

Identity Alert System: The system of Lifelock identity theft provides you a wider identity coverage by sending notification. This system is designed in such a way that the user can get notified by mail or phone if any unwanted situation occurs. Identity thieves can use your personal data to make new accounts, money transactions or retail credit card system in a  bank.

Addressing System: Your address is securely stored in Lifelock identity theft. Generally, identity thieves change your address to use your email and personal information. But Lifelock identity theft checks every change of the address. If it finds any occurrence of address change, you will get notification about it.

WalletLock: User may lose his/her wallet at any time. Then the credit card, important document can be used by identity thieves. But the representative of Walletlock will help you to deactivate those credit cards. These are very helpful for the safety of your money and document.

LifeLock Ultimate Plus and Promo Code

So for the security of your personal document and information from identity thieves you may choose Lifelock identity theft. LifeLock promo code  is a special one which will enable the price off on Ultimate. So have the coupon code in 2015 when purchasing or subscribing Ultimate edition.