LI Leads Extractor for Touche Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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The Touche Software is the source of some amazing tools. Actually, all the tools of this company are for extracting the leads from different sources. Here the term leads have been used for expressing the business and contact information. We all know that many professional people use the LinkedIn. They provide several necessary business information to their profile. So from this social network, important data can be found.

LI Leads Extractor

LI Leads Extractor for Touche Software Overview

The LI Leads Extractor of the Touche Software has the capability to extract such data from this social network. Some of the main features of this product are:

One Click Extracting

Perhaps, LI Leads Extractor has offered the easiest way of extracting the leads from the LinkedIn. For providing the thousands of data, this product only needs few seconds. You don’t have to go through several difficult steps to get the information. With just one click, you can get all those instantly. The format of the LinkedIn can be changed anytime like the other websites. So it is needed to use the updated lead extracting software all the time.

The team of the LI Leads Extractor always makes this product updated. Even for the maintenance of this software, they do not charge anything from the customers. That means once you purchase this, you will be able to use this forever as an updated tool.

Multiple Proxy Support

You may not like to use the same proxy all the time. That is why the LI Leads Extractor can deal with one or multiple proxies. It is a very helpful solution for hiding the identity. By just one request, you can change your proxy with ease. Customizable search option, perhaps one of the most unique and essential features of this software.

Most of the similar tools provide a huge amount of data. But all those data may be not as per your criteria. The LI Leads Extractor has the customizable search option with which you can get what you want. For providing the appropriate results, this product can use the filters on the targeted websites.

Price of This Product

The Touche Software Company has offered their products for very impressive pricing. All of those have been set reasonably. The LI Leads Extractor is not an exception. This product can be purchased for only $97. Suppose you have two computers in your home.

For each of those, you don’t have to purchase a separate license for this software. That means, one license of this product can be used in two separate computers. Before purchasing this, you can also use the trial version for testing it. Though this version also provides the main features, it has limitations. The export functions are not included in this. And it only provides the result of 30 businesses.