Leawo SWF Encrypt: Get Coupon & Discount on Purchase

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Leawo SWF Encrypt Coupon

Leawo SWF Encrypt – A Short Review

No matter your SWF files are in Adobe, Flex or Flash Builder, you have to protect those. Otherwise, those can be decrypted by the others. That means your invention will be easily stolen. So you have to use secure encryption tool for protection those. There can be many options for you. But the Leawo SWF Encrypt is a highly recommendable solution. Its built-in features are impressive and the price is reasonable. The efficiency level of this tool is also very much higher. Let’s take a quick look at the features of it.

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Efficient Encryption Ensured

As the hackers and decompiling programs are very much strong, Leawo has made this product more strongly. A normal solution can protect the resources of the files by difficult to detect keys. But this product can protect the ActionScript codes of the desired SWF. So no one will be able to decompile that by any means. Obfuscation techniques that have been used in this product are advanced. So when you will provide protection to any file using this software, normal running of that won’t be damaged. It can protect each and every resource efficiently. So the images and graphic elements cannot be decrypted by the hackers for the Leawo SWF Encrypt.

Customizable Settings Option

The settings of this protection software are very easily customizable. Like an ordinary tool, it does not offer one mode of loading. Actually, it has both the relevant and irrelevant loading facilities. That is why successful invocation can be done by the Leawo SWF Encrypt. For the packers and intensive protection, you can choose the intensified encryption. Other two options are the exceptional and basic encryption. You can use those for securing the name, namespace and special names. This software will provide you various tips and diagrams to help you to do your tasks. The important thing about the SWF Encrypt is it is available at affordable prices. As of 9 April 2015, the price of this product is only 150 USD. But with the promo code and coupon applied, it is 15% cheaper. You don’t have to wait hours or days to get the license key. After paying the money you will get that in just minutes. The trial version of this solution is also available. So it will be better for you to use the trial version before buying the paid one.

No Complexity in Use

Considering all the strong features written above, you may think the Leawo SWF Encrypt is very difficult to handle. But actually you will face no problem while running and controlling this one. By using your computer mouse and few clicks, you will be able to control its operations. You can deal with each of the SWF files separately. The important thing is, this software also has the batch processing system. So huge amount of those files can easily be encrypted at the same time. That means the SWF Encrypt of Leawo will save your valuable time.

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